Re-Architect your Network with Sify

Integrate your Cloud, Core, and Edge With the advent of IoT, pervasive mobility, and growing cloud service adoption, the network has become increasingly distributed, and the need for faster compute and connectivity at the edge has become more pronounced. As organizations increasingly drive digital transformation initiatives and adopt hybrid multi-cloud, the network must be rearchitected

Simplify Your Network Transformation

Simplify your Network Transformation with Sify The business world is witnessing an unprecedented transformation as organizations across verticals are passionate to embrace new technologies. Cloud, Analytics, Automation, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are some major forces that are enabling enterprises to deliver a top-tier experience to customers. As organizations nowadays are highly

Consolidate your Network with Sify

Rationalize, Scale, and Manage your network effortlessly. In today’s technologically advanced era, enterprises across realms have complex ICT environments – virtual and geographically spread. The advent of Cloud and rise of multiple solution providers globally have encouraged organizations to pick and choose the perfect mix to host their applications, servers, and data across a diverse

Network Infrastructure

Is your network infrastructure built for the future? Check today!

Any network infrastructure forms a section of a much larger IT infrastructure of any organization. Typically, a network infrastructure is likely to contain the following: Networking devices: such as LAN Cards, modems, cables, and routers Networking software: such as firewalls, device drivers, and security applications Networking services: such as DSL, satellite, and wireless services. The


Comparing internet lease lines and broadband services

The internet can be accessed in many ways, as evidence in the form of the evolution of the internet connections over the last few years. Today, the broadband is usually considered as the most popular medium for accessing the internet, especially in homes. However, when it comes to larger establishments and commercial spaces such as

Network Security VOIP Adoption

Network Security, the key to VoIP adoption

With growing Internet infrastructure and new technologies, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has gained tremendous popularity among businesses. Regardless of size and industry, organizations are migrating their communication network from traditional PSTNs to VoIP. The wide-ranging benefits of the system are bound to attract businesses from across the board – reliability combined with steep cost

Void Services

VoIP services – How does it work?

The world over, communication – reliable and secure – is taking on a more critical role in the functioning of organizations and businesses. The more geographically spread your organization is, the more important it becomes to keep communication networks up and running. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has gained tremendous traction over the last decade

VOIP Features

5 Key VoIP features that Empower Businesses

During the early days of the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, it was surrounded by skepticism over its long-term viability and its suitability across industries. However, the past decade has seen VoIP being firmly recognized and implemented across businesses of every size and industries of every nature. VoIP in its current evolved form offers many

Traditional vs VoIP- What’s best for your business?

As more and more businesses, both big and small, are jumping on the VoIP (Voice over IP) bandwagon, it is interesting to examine what is causing this exodus from the traditional alternative of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) including Mobiles and Landlines. In order to understand the reasons for the switch, it is important to

Transform Corporate Workplace Managed WLAN

Transform the corporate workplace with Managed WLAN

When it comes to Internet connectivity in an organization, user expectations are sky high! Employees and guests, alike, expect fast, secure and highly available WLAN services the moment they step into office premises. To match this growing demand, several organizations have opted for subscription based Managed WLAN services. Apart from easing business operations and enriching