SDN bringing flexibility

SDN – Bringing flexibility and scale to Data Center

Today’s growing businesses need instant application deployments and deliveries at a much higher speed. While it is a major challenge for IT administrators, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has helped organizations to achieve this goal with the help of automation tools. SDN helps businesses to achieve flexibility and scalability with the platform that can efficiently handle

Why DC Enterprise Businesses

Why Data Centers are Necessary for Enterprise Businesses

Data is the most critical asset of any organization and businesses are faced with the imminent challenges of managing and governing data while ensuring data compliance. Data management is critical for every company to improve business agility with up-to-date information available anywhere, anytime to the employees who need it most. There are entire ecosystems that

5 Cool Features of Next Generation Data Centers

5 Cool Features of the Next Generation Data Center

The relentless growth in the volume of data created every day, has compelled Data Center administrators to integrate new technologies and processes. With the global popularity of cloud computing, the role of Data Centers has extended beyond providing enough storage capacity with data security. Data Centers – optimized with various tools and services, are now

Secure Data

How secure is your Data Center?

Data Center is the core of today’s IT world. With growing technologies likes cloud computing, virtualizations and latest IT applications, building today’s Data Centers are a bit more complex. It is important to protect the Data Centers from malicious attack. Equally important is to ensure that the Data Center infrastructure like network, storage, servers and

5 Things Data Center Efficiency

5 Things You Should Be Doing for Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Efficiency is a flexible term originally used to characterize the efficient use of energy in a Data Center. But over the years, the usage of this term has expanded to other entities such as storage, accessibility, security, networks and IT assets. Every Data Center around the world is focused on increasing its efficiency.