Data Center Interconnect

Data Center Interconnect: Details, Challenges & Solution

The ever-increasing demand for the Data-Center and network virtualization has its ramifications on the Data Center interconnect (check out Cloud Cover). It has gained the attention of the service provider’s network architecture making them think in the direction of load-sharing and distributed workloads. It has also become a way to connect various Data Centers in

Server Hosting

Key Advantages Dedicated Web Server Hosting

Are you in search of the best application hosting? Well, choosing the best-dedicated server for your enterprise could be a task in itself. But why dedicated web server? A dedicated web server ensures resilience and resources to host a web application. Selecting a dedicated server which is fast, secure, properly managed, and has the perfect

Data Center Security

5 focus areas for Data Center security

Every year, businesses are incurring significant losses – they are losing money, customers and their reputation – due to cyber attacks. By 2019, cyber crime is predicted to cost businesses $2 trillion worldwide. So it’s hardly surprising that, from boardrooms to server rooms, almost all IT related conversation revolve around Security. Data and IT infrastructure

Next Gen Data Center Architecture

What to expect from the next generation of Data Center architecture

At this very moment, industry experts and visionaries are designing the future of IT services and systems. The vision outlines a fully enmeshed and embedded role for technology in our daily lives – from non-invasive micro tech providing real-time medical care and smart home technology to microcomputers -a web of smart and predictive devices that

Data Center Attacks

New Data Center and the newer attacks- are you ready?

With every passing year, IT security is becoming the most significant issue for the industry. While threats to any part of the infrastructure are a big risk, Data security is the biggest fear in enterprise. The Data Center has grown up from being a multiple server, energy guzzling mammoth to a practically invisible, sleek, virtual


Data Centers 2.0 – What to Expect and What to Plan For

With enterprise rapidly becoming virtual – by way of the cloud and connecting with IoT, physical servers for Data Centers are on their way out. Whatever the storage capabilities, it is just not going to work for the enterprise of today, and definitely not for tomorrow. What then is the face of Data Centers 2.0?

Data Center

How Data Centers Can be Big Savers for Enterprise

Growth is about getting the right solution along with the right support at the right point in your revenue plan. The journey to higher growth needs to be supported by cost efficiencies and a well designed, well supported Data Center with fastest response times could be your biggest ally in this journey! Over the next

Data Center Monitoring

Ensure Lower Opex with Data Center Monitoring

Data Centers are the backbone of today’s IT world. Growing business, demand that the Data Centers operate at maximum efficiency. However, building Data Centers, maintaining and running them involves a lot of operational expenses for the company. It is important for companies to look for options that can help them lower Opex for their Data

Embracing Software Defined Data Center

Embracing the Software-defined Data Center

With the Data Centers becoming more crucial to meeting the business requirements of organizations, older technologies are lagging behind. That’s why the savvy business professionals are embracing the software-defined Data Centers that extend the advantages of automation and orchestration, simplify management and provide a more business-focused approach. Take baby steps Designing software-defined environments often implicates