Your ideal Data Center Colocation partner

Organizations are on a perennial quest to reduce cost and increase their business focus with the power of data. Data is the new oil and there is an increased emphasis on unleashing the full potential of technology with the Data Center (DC) and the corroborating IT infrastructure. Organizations are increasingly looking forward to unlocking data-driven


How to plan a cost-effective Data Center transformation

Data Centers have become nerve centers of the organizations in the modern digital world. Their performance and efficiency are crucial levers of organizational success. The challenge for technology heads has been to arrive at Data Center solutions that are cost-effective, offering value without compromising on essential features. Utilizing available space for Data Center scaling is


Future of Data Center: Architectural Advances

Data is growing at an exponential rate in the modern borderless world. Over 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data is generated every day across the globe. India alone is set to produce 2.3 million petabytes of digital data by the year 2020, and it is growing at a rate that’s much faster than the world average.

How to leverage hyperscale Data Centers for scalability

Modern Data Centers are synonymous with massive high-speed computational capabilities, data storage at scale, automation, virtualization, high-end security, and cloud computing capacities. They hold massive amounts of data and provide sophisticated computing capacities. Earlier, a simple network of racks with storage units and a set of management tools to individually manage them were enough. The


M2M is shifting to M2M

The final eulogy to ‘Man is the Master of the Machine’ has been written. In the movie Terminator 3, the sequel delves into the takeover of earth by machines, until the very end, when the machine itself has a change of heart. However ominous those signs are, what is undeniable is that the age of


From Legacy to the Modern-day Data Center Cooling Systems

Modern-day Data Centers provide massive computational capabilities while having a smaller footprint. This poses a significant challenge for keeping the Data Center cool, since more transistors in computer chips, means more heat dissipation, which requires greater cooling. Thereby, it has come to a point where traditional cooling systems are no longer adequate for modern Data

Data Center Migration

Five major challenges during Data Center migration

Data Center migration is essential for companies looking to meet the growing demands of the IT/data services. However essential, this process comes with its own set of challenges. Thus, it would be wise to tread carefully and assess both the core necessities and challenges that usually accompany Data Center migration. Data Center migration involves moving

Keys to Successful Datacenter Operation

Keys to Successful Data Center Operations

For one reason or another, every business requires a Data Center at some point. There is an ever-increasing demand for data everywhere, and as a result of this, companies require more and more processing power and storage space. There isn’t a specific kind of company that will require a Data Center, but some are more

How Datacenters Works

How Data Center works (and how they’re changing)

A Data Center is usually a physical location in which enterprises store their data as well as other applications crucial to the functioning of their organization. Most often these Data Centers store a majority of the IT equipment – this includes routers, servers, networking switches, storage subsystems, firewalls, and any extraneous equipment which is employed.

Cloud datacenter

How Cloud Data Centers Differ from Traditional Data Centers

Every organization requires a Data Center, irrespective of their size or industry. A Data Center is traditionally a physical facility which companies use to store their information as well as other applications which are integral to their functioning. And while a Data Center is thought to be one thing, in reality, it is often composed