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How to Deliver a Successful Migration to the Cloud

The use of cloud technology within business has grown at a tremendous rate with plenty of growth predicted to come. The challenge facing businesses now is how to maximise the value it provides their organisations. It’s easy to forget cloud computing is nothing new. The technology has been around for over 20 years. However, the

Spotlight on Location Independence in 2021

New Services That support The New Normal But How Do Businesses Get The Most Benefit? In 2020, we learnt some valuable lessons about innovation in the cloud. Businesses that were previously lagging in their digital transformation efforts, found themselves on the back-foot and had to up the pace of innovation to support their dispersed workforce,

What makes a good professional services partner?

If you’re selling cloud solutions to your customers, you already know that having the right technical skills and resource at your disposal is vital to your success. We only need to look back at the events of last year to see how markets can shift in unpredictable ways. We’ve seen MSPs and VARs everywhere face

Building a cloud technology business is tough. Is flexibility the key to success?

Constant change means building a cloud technology business is tough. But if we learned anything this year, it’s this: flexibility is vital to surmounting the challenges. Building a cloud technology business is tough at any time. Ever-changing customer requirements, constantly evolving and new disruptive technology can be tricky to keep up with. This has been

Why the hard sell just isn’t me

“When you don’t close a sale, open a relationship” – Patricia Fripp. The idea of pushing on a closed-door to make a sale has never been my style. That’s not to say I don’t close deals, win business, and build lasting business partnerships. I do! And I really enjoy doing it. It’s also not to