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IP Transit

Empowering your network with high-performance internet connectivity

IP Transit provides reliable, scalable, high-performance connectivity to the internet, ensuring fast and consistent data transfer speeds. This is vital for businesses that rely on seamless access to cloud services, online applications, and communication platforms.

Sify delivers a peer-to-peer IP service that forms an essential part of the internet backbone for India within a single Autonomous Number. It is designed to provide high bandwidth IP solutions to wholesale carriers or clients who have an AS number and require high-performance internet connectivity both domestically within India and globally. Sify’s IP Transit service is specifically designed to provide either an intercontinental route and/or regional IP routes whether the content is to be ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ from the Internet.

IP Transit plays a critical role in enabling businesses to stay connected, communicate efficiently, and leverage the full potential of the internet for their operations.


Key features

Reliable and scalable

High-speed connectivity

Fast, consistent data transfer speeds

Seamless access to vital business applications

Peer-to-peer IP service

Single autonomous number

Intercontinental and/or regional IP routes

Communicate efficiency