A dedicated, private network connection

Ethernet Services

Empowering your network with unparalleled performance

With increasing reliance on data-intensive applications and services, businesses require robust and reliable connectivity to support their operations effectively. Ethernet services provide businesses with a dedicated and private network connection to efficiently transfer large volumes of data, access cloud-based applications, and facilitate seamless communication between multiple locations.

Sify’s Ethernet services offer a high-capacity, low-latency, standards-based, and affordable connectivity to support data centre, cloud and site-site connectivity requirements. It can be provided domestically within India or globally via our regional POPs. Our services deliver greater flexibility and scalability to allow businesses to upgrade their bandwidth as their needs grow, without significant infrastructure changes.


Key features

Flexible, reliable connectivity

Dedicated, private connection

Efficient data transfer

Access to cloud-based applications

Seamless communication between multiple locations

High capacity, low latency

Within India or global connectivity

Robust SLAs