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Why is Cloud Optimisation crucial?

As competitive and economic pressures intensify, and the cloud consumes an ever larger proportion of IT time and budgets, the need to optimise cloud environments is becoming imperative.​

Managing cloud-related spending has become increasingly important for IT leaders. With the increased complexity of multi-cloud environments and the challenges of operating in today’s competitive economic landscape, the need is stronger than ever for organisations to optimise their cloud infrastructures.


Why do businesses need Managed Services?

Businesses increasingly turn to cloud technologies to enhance their operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. However, navigating the complex world of the cloud with internal resources alone is extremely challenging due to the depth of IT knowledge and skills needed across different platforms. For a faster, better outcome, businesses turn to managed services to extend their team’s skillset to successfully manage and grow their business.


of SMBs plan to prioritise IT modernisation as a key business goal to bolster cybersecurity and benefit the hybrid workforce model

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of organisations are struggling to optimise costs post migration

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of organisations cited a lack of resources and expertise as one of their top cloud challenges

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The key challenges we solve

Sify’s deep experience, resources and skills make it best placed to understand the digital transformation needs of modern-day businesses. With a heritage in IT Infrastructure, Sify has grown over two decades to provide a one-stop engagement across networks, data centre, cloud, digital and IT services.

Sify enables you to build an IT infrastructure that underpins business profitability, by delivering flexible expertise to fill IT skills gaps, and by deploying, managing and optimising complex hybrid environments to deliver the right combination of flexibility, security and affordability.

Here are the key challenges our Managed Services can help your organisation solve:

Future-proof your business by optimising your use of cloud technology

Deploying, managing and optimising a cloud infrastructure is a complex undertaking. Sify’s specialist cloud consulting and managed services expertise enables businesses to future-proof their IT operations by optimising complex, cloud-based infrastructures to improve flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Sify has deep expertise in all major cloud platforms, offering customers access to the objective advice and specialist skills needed to optimise complex, hybrid infrastructures. We have a depth of IT services to optimise and manage cloud-based infrastructures and offer consultancy services to facilitate the digital transformation of your business.

Increase responsiveness with access to the right scale and calibre of specialist IT skills as and when you need them

Finding and maintaining the required IT skills in-house is a challenging task. Furthermore, offering the right level of support for your existing IT talent to grow and develop is difficult without additional help.

With more than 650 specialists and hundreds of cloud transformation, adoption and migration projects successfully delivered, Sify has the knowledge and experience to deliver for your organisation. Working as a blended and integral part of your team, we offer our support, knowledge and experience for highly complex solutions.

Sify provides flexible access to specialist resources which are in short supply for European businesses, and which can complement in-house teams. These resources are available on a 24/7 basis resulting in a quicker speed of response.

Make your IT budget go further by lowering your costs and becoming more efficient

We know many organisations are under pressure to maximise IT budget and reduce costs. Sify enables organisations to free up budgets for investment, do more with constrained budgets, control costs, avoid waste and improve efficiency by focusing on initiatives which make a difference.

Sify’s lower cost base offers access to highly skilled resources and services at a more affordable cost than established European Managed Services Providers. Our services help customers to identify cost-saving opportunities in their existing infrastructure.

Control your risks by ensuring the security and resilience of your IT infrastructure

We understand the need to build and manage a highly resilient and affordable IT infrastructure that can be flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of an organisation. Sify’s deep expertise in security enables organisations to mitigate risks, support a hybrid workforce wherever they are and improve their ability to innovate without compromising security.

Why customers choose Sify

Sify offers deep expertise in cloud migration and optimisation, evolved from a long heritage in building and managing IT infrastructures for companies globally. Our track record, proven experience and reliability boosts customers’ confidence and reduces customers’ risk.
Flexible, Agile Approach

Sify’s large scale and expert resources enable us to offer a flexible, agile approach available on a 24/7 basis, to meet the evolving needs of today’s businesses, quickly.


Sify’s value-driven approach offers you access to the quality and depth of cloud/tech expertise traditionally only available to large enterprises.

360˚ Methodology

Sify’s specialist expertise in cloud migration and optimisation is enhanced by other capabilities like running and managing IT environments, managing applications and providing value-added services such as Advisory and Consultancy.

Strong Financial Foundation

Sify is a financially independent, privately-owned IT and Digital Services company that was formed in 1995 and Nasdaq listed since 1999. Headquartered in India, Sify is widely respected as a Fortune India 500 company. ​