Pre-curated digital learning libraries

Off the Shelf

Expand your learning assets with Off the Shelf learning content

Off the shelf learning libraries offer pre-curated digital learning assets on a variety of subjects such as professional development, leadership, management, technology & developer and compliance.

Off the shelf courses can complement your existing learning programs and offer a wealth of learning assets for organisations that do not have the resources to build content themselves. It adds value to small and large teams that need learning content without any customisation. Depending on the platform you choose, the range of courses is vast with multiple languages often available.


Key benefits

A large number of courses available

Fast implementation because the content is pre-curated

Cost-effective for courses where no custom content is needed

24/7 cloud access to all learning assets

The Percipio learning platform is designed to make learning easier, more accessible and more effective. Percipio adds value by increasing employee engagement, confidence and skills with reporting functionality that tracks and measures the real impact on the business it has.

Why Percipio?

Offer 50,000+ pieces of content in hundreds of curated learning paths.

Allow learners to create playlists, receive assignments, and get custom recommendations. 

Provide quick, targeted learning focussing on specific tasks delivered in real-time.

Makes discovery easy by using the same elastic search capabilities as Facebook, Netflix, and eBay. 

Enables learners to watch, read, and listen anytime, anywhere. 

This makes it easy for managers to spot trends and monitor progress. 

Links learning to business objectives, and demonstrates ROI and business impact. 

Allow managers to create flexible learning paths, assign them to users, and monitor progress. 

Why customers choose Sify

Sify provides specialist digital learning that helps organisations boost employee productivity, reduce staff turnover and improve company culture to attract, nurture and retain the best business talent.
Our learning library content includes over 165,000 courses, videos and books in 32 languages across 169 countries that develop business talent and drive performance across six key areas:
Leadership (powered by MIT SMR)
Business Skills
Technology & Developer
Digital Transformation
Productivity & Collaboration Tools