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A reliable infrastructure with an elastic architecture on AWS

Scalable, Highly available, secure and High performant Web Application on AWS cloud

About Company

Fibre2Fashion Pvt. Ltd is a market driven B2B portal that marked its existence in the year 2000 and since then, has consistently been growing in leaps and bounds. With digital presence in more than 190 countries, the organization has been able to carve a niche for itself in the industry. Besides providing effective business solutions, it also offers textile-based information through informative articles, news, market analytical reports on fibre and feedstock and various print features.


The customer had two .NET based application websites, & operated on hosted servers. Below are the challenges faced on the environment.

  • star_blackApplication Latency impacting business revenue
  • star_blackManual effort and too much SME involvement
  • star_blackGlobal expansion constraints
  • star_blackDynamic cost model – Pay as you go limitation
  • star_blackScalability and business high availability limitation
  • star_blackMonitoring and Compliance reporting standardization

Proposed Solution & Architecture


It is a refactored architecture proposed on AWS cloud based on the analysis of the current on premises infrastructure. The architecture details and its challenges are below.

  • star_blackWeb application high availability and scalability are ensured placing the EC2 instances in multi AZ with Auto scaling and ALB services.
  • star_blackHigh security is ensured by placing all application & DB servers in the private subnet except the RDP server and Application load balancer which are hosted in Public subnet.
  • star_blackEnsured centralised logging with AWS S3.
  • star_blackAutomated dynamic growth of hard disks (in EBS) was configured to manage data growth needs.
  • star_blackAWS CloudWatch was used for monitoring, while API and account activity tracking was achieved through AWS CloudTrail.

Business Benefits

  • star_blackLatency has reduced up to 95% enhancing the user experience drastically which resulted in a major business boost.
  • star_blackNow on auto-scaling infrastructure with zero maintenance, it saves 100% human effort & cost for in-house team ensuring high availability and scalability meeting the unknown load spikes without any hassle. Scales quickly to support tenfold annual growth globally.
  • star_blackExperienced 100% uptime for regulatory applications. Auto remediation capabilities has enabled Fibre2Fashion to meet industry security standards including CIS benchmarks and AWS best practices.
  • star_blackAble to reach faster to market by launching an environment in minutes instead of spending 6-12 months building a datacentre.
  • star_blackPay-as-you-go model with auto-scalability, faster implementation and business high availability has given big business boost avoiding initial higher CAPEX and huge unused reserve capacity anticipating future need.
  • star_blackData on compliance is readily available and generating reports for audits was made quick and easy.

Lessons Learned

Implementing web application with Highly available fault tolerant capability in AWS cloud using ALB, Autoscaling and RDS MySQL Master Slave replication.

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