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Launched the world’s first Private Cloud for radiation therapy for a network of cancer hospitals in India

Launched the world’s first Private Cloud for radiation therapy for Varian Medical Systems and implemented for Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI) network of cancer hospitals in India

The Company

Varian Medical Systems, headquartered in USA, is the world's leading manufacturer of medical equipment for treating Cancer and other medical conditions with Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery, Proton Therapy, and Brachytherapy. They equip the world with new tools for fighting cancer. Their history is one of pioneering developments in the fields of radiotherapy, radiosurgery, X-ray tube technology, digital image detectors, cargo screening, and non-destructive testing.

The Challenge

  • Star_WhiteThe patient is restricted to one doctor/hospital for his consultation and treatment.
  • Star_WhiteSince these patient records were physical in nature, the hospital had to archive records for further consults.
  • Star_WhiteBeyond a point, old archives were destroyed and the patient whose records were destroyed does not get a consult.
  • Star_WhiteAlso, if the particular doctor is not available, the patient does not get a consult and he has to make the journey to the hospital yet again.
  • Star_WhiteIf the Linear Accelerator fails, the patient does not have any choice other than to wait.
  • Star_WhiteWhen the hospital runs short of space, they just flush old patient data. No reference file is available thereafter.

The Solution

  • Star_BlackWith a unique SaaS model, CTSI subscribes to the software rather than buying it, as part of the service packages provided by Sify that include all necessary IT infrastructure and hosting.
  • Star_BlackThe innovation angle is that a single dashboard serves all patient information across the networked hospitals, allowing the Doctor’s panel to view and plan treatment accordingly.
  • Star_BlackGiven the infinite private cloud space available, no patient data has to be eliminated to make way for new patient data.
  • Star_BlackThe cloud-hosted solution enables the hospitals to focus on delivering high quality, consistent care to patients.
  • Star_BlackThis hospital are the first in India to implement this innovative solution for remote software hosting and better connectivity with clinicians.
  • Star_BlackThese unique capabilities differentiate the hospitals and facilitate the use of evidence-based protocols and tools, such as cutting-edge treatment planning technologies.
Launched Worlds First Private Cloud Radiation

The Benefits

  • Star_WhiteThe patient can choose to go to any of the networked hospitals.
  • Star_WhiteThe patient can go the location nearest to his house.
  • Star_WhiteHis case is referred to a team of doctors all empaneled on the same platform.
  • Star_WhiteThe Sr. Doctor can direct the schedule and the quantity of the radiation to the team at the location.
  • Star_WhiteIf the machine is not working (highly unlikely as no breakdown has been reported till date), the patient can move to the next hospital in the chain.
  • Star_WhiteHis records are permanently archived and become a study material.
  • Star_WhiteIt makes both the patient and doctor location-agnostic.
  • Star_WhitePatient records are now live to infinity.
  • Star_WhiteScheduling of treatment is no more Doctor-dependent.
  • Star_WhiteVarian is able to offer its solutions - ARIA, Oncology Information System, EMR, Patient Portal, Tumor Board etc on SaaS model to its customers.
  • Star_WhiteMore focus on Treatment by hospitals, less focus on IT.
  • Star_WhiteSimplified upgrades - ARIA upgrades will be possible remotely by the Varian team.
  • Star_WhiteFlexibility to expand operations.

Customer Speak

We are delighted with how this project has come to fruition. It has been delivered on time and the result is very impressive. Our clinical teams now have access to a robust centralized electronic system and are no longer working in isolation.

Mr. Joe Nicholas
Co-founder & ED, CTSI

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