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Mobile, 3D App Cuts Training Costs for Fortune 500 Corporation

Our interactive 3D Apps saved $2400000 to enhance employee knowledge and productivity

The Company

The client is a global fortune 500 listed company. They are into various businesses that include energy services, capital, infrastructure, healthcare, finance, and media. They have been continuously shaping the world with ground breaking innovations for over 130 years.

Business Need

Client requirement was to develop a mobile application (App) that would supplement the existing training programs such as the features, sections and sub-sections of a 7FA Gas Turbine (GT). The Client wanted to reinforce learning to the employees, stakeholders and shop floor employees who were involved in the design and development of a 7FA GT.

The Solution

Sify proposed and designed an interactive 3D iPad App on virtual 7FA Gas Turbine (GT), by leveraging its expertise in E-learning technologies, 3D optimization techniques and instructional design strategies. This App could be viewed on all the versions of iPads and scalable to other mobile platforms and handheld devices as well. This interactive App allowed the user to view and explore the components and workings of a 7FA gas turbine.

Real-life scenarios were used to engage the learner effectively. The main menu had an innovative interface with a 3D model of a 7FA GT, which is rotatable and clickable. This allowed the learners to select the 6 identified sections of the 7FA GT. Selecting each section opens the respective section with different modes of 3D functionalities. The main interface of the App has three panels for user interactivity. The learner could rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out, and view the selected section. The learner could view the disassembly/assembly process of the selected section.

Business Benefits

Customer saved $2400000 by implementing this mode of training. It facilitated the trainers to demonstrate, assemble / disassemble of the turbine and teach learners accordingly. For Employees, it provided just-in-time information about the different parts of a GT. This ultimately helped them to perform their job better. It also helped the learners to access the information anywhere, anytime. Microsoft

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