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AWS Managed VPN along with CloudFront deployment to serve Static Web Pages

Implemented MS SQL RDS with Multi-AZ Mirroring of DB at customer’s office through AWS Managed VPN along with CloudFront deployment to serve the Static web pages from S3, for a customer-focused digital healthcare platform managing an integrated supply chain of Pharma, wellness products, and services

The Company is a consumer focused Digital Healthcare Platform managing an integrated supply chain of Pharma & Wellness Products and Services.

The Challenge

The enterprise was an existing customer of traditional public cloud, but was not able to explore scalability and flexibility of cloud. Even commercially, the arrangement was not cost effective.

The Solution

  • star_blackVPC with public subnets and private subnets with Applications launched in private subnets
  • star_blackNAT Gateway was implemented to provide Internet for the private subnets
  • star_blackJump Servers to access the Private Servers was implemented. Two Internet facing Load Balancers running Multiple Web Servers and Multiple API Servers
  • star_blackRedis Server for caching the data and an Elasticsearch for Analytics on EC2
  • star_blackImplemented MS SQL RDS with Multi AZ Mirroring of DB on SastaSundar office through AWS Managed VPN
  • star_blackCloudFront has also been deployed to serve the Static web pages from S3


Business Benefits

  • star_whiteHigh Availability and better fault tolerance
  • star_whiteServers behind the ELB so that server is not exposed to the Public
  • star_whiteHigh Availability of RDS with Mirroring enabled
  • star_whiteCloudFront to serve the Static web pages from S3, faster across the World
  • star_whiteElasticsearch for Log Analytics
  • star_whiteManaged NAT Gateway for better Scaling in Network
  • star_whiteVPN Connections to Access Servers Securely over the Network
  • star_whiteLow maintenance environment with massive scalability has increased the business growth by 2x in past quarters for SastaSundar.
  • star_whiteAmazon RDS Multi-AZ Setting resulted in near zero downtime architecture.

Sify Learnings

CloudFront with S3 for static content reduces the latency for images, videos and large files. This solution framework will offer easy deployment for static workload requirements of customers.

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