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AWS environment to deploy applications in a seamless manner

Leveraged the AWS environment to deploy applications in a seamless manner and used ElasticBeanStalk for repeatable deployments of both infrastructure and code, resulting in quicker iterations in both the developmental and operational aspects of the project

The Company

The customer is one of the leading companies in the Insurance space.

The Challenge

The customer was planning on building a product which was expecting a lot of traffic for which they wanted to make use of AWS. The customer wanted to have an easy way to deploy the environment on AWS and also deploy the applications in a easier manner.

The Solution

Sify worked with the customer to design the entire infrastructure on AWS using the following

  • star_blackWeb layer is designed to run in AWS Autoscaling groups behind AWS Elastic LoadBalancer
  • star_blackAWS DynamoDB was used for storing the transactional events of the application
  • star_blackThe web layer used to connect to their on-premise APIs using AWS Direct Connect
  • star_blackAWS CloudWatch was used for monitoring the infrastructure coded using ebextensions of AWS ElasticBeanStalk
  • star_blackAWS CloudTrail to monitor the IAM actions taking place on the account
  • star_blackAWS ElasticBeanStalk helped in deploying the code easily in a continous fashion


The Benefits

Using ElasticBeanStalk allowed for repeatable deployments of both infrastructure and code, which encouraged fast iterations in both the development and operational aspects of the project.

Because of the elastic nature of the architecture, the solution was able to scale, to meet demand of the application when the traffic was high on the website.

Sify Learnings

Elastic Beanstalk makes repeatable deployment easier, rapid and sustainable. This in turn reduces the overall operational overhead for Sify.

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