Sify presents Smart Field Force Application

Your one stop solution for all sales force related challenges. Grow comfortably from anywhere, even in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment.

Enhance Sales Team Productivity

With Sify SFF application you can now quantify the effectiveness of your field sales force. The application will enable your sales team to complete all sales transactions digitally. This will make them spend less time clicking around a complex SCM system and more time actually engaging with customers. Tracking the real time GPS location of a salesman and their attendance pattern is now possible. In fact, you can even digitally promote new SKUs on the application.

Increase Sales – Trigger Growth

Sify SFF Application can make the sales process more efficient. With the easy-to-use platform, sellers will benefit from better data and more actionable insights about performance and not be slowed down by complex workflows. Move past human errors of manual data entry and automate order capturing, planning and collections.

SFF Application Capabilities


win rates significantly

Track Sales Team

sales team

Sales Cycle

sales cycle


sales & detects trends

Avoids out of Stock

out-of-stock situations


SKUs performance

Partner with experience

Sify’s Smart Field Force Application comes with unbeatable milestones.


Over 18 years of market presence


Adopted by Top 4 FMCG companies in India


Adopted by Top 4 Manufacturing and Oil enterprises in India


Over 20000 users for the application

Sify SFF can help sales people improve on order fulfilment process, inventory turnover rate, profit margins, and supply chain agility to ultimately achieve higher customer satisfaction.

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