Digital Ambition for
the new Normal


The new normal and digital ambition

CLOUD@CORE™ for Agility, Flexibility and Choice to pursue Digital Ambition through and beyond the troubled times

What is digital ambition?

An Organization’s digital ambition is defined by anyone or both of the goals of digital optimization as in improving efficiencies, enhancing customer experience, increasing operating margins, and so on, or, digital transformation as in pursuing net new revenue business models such as outcome-based contracts or platforms to engage both sellers and buyers.

Sify’s perspective on digital ambition

In the post-COVID-19 world, immediate conservation of cash has become the primary goal for most organizations to enhance the liquidity that helps them go through a slow recovery and a longer phase of growth. Any strategy that can flatten this curve and lead the business faster towards recovery and growth will be in demand.

The digital ambition is thus structured around the organization’s strategic business priorities towards optimization and/or transformation. Sify has developed a three-pronged approach to cater to the immediate, medium-term, and long-term objectives of customers – Reduce, Rationalize, and Rearchitect.

Role of Technology in enabling Digital Ambition

Technology plays a vital role in the realization of the digital ambition of an Enterprise. Even as technology is deployed to open new possibilities for digital business enablement, it is equally important to source technology cost-effectively, understand the consumption of various technologies well enough to right-size or rationalize the consumption, and finally to look for incorporating newer technologies to rearchitect the workflows for newer service or feature introduction.

Reduce – commoditized IT procurement cost

The quickest way to reduce costs is by looking for better prices of commoditized products and services that can result in small but important gains without risking acceptable SLAs on business services or regular operations. The engagement models from Sify are founded on the idea of Reduction wherever possible. Sify can help in this process of sourcing better prices with:

  • Partnerships with leading technology vendors – relevant for all levels of enterprises
  • Economies of scale – more relevant for small and medium enterprises
  • Cloud neutral capabilities – source from any of AWS/Oracle/Google/Azure/Private

Rationalize – optimize consumption and eliminate waste

The next most opportune lever to optimize IT spend is to continually monitor, assess and identify areas where organizations may be having a surplus or unused capacity for products and services. This could deliver gains without increasing the risk to deliver business services or regular operations. Sify can help in this process with their managed services for delivering:

  • Cloud Economics – continually optimize the cost of consuming public clouds.
  • IT as a Service – mimic public cloud with self-hosted infrastructure for better visibility on consumption and consequent optimizations.
  • Value stream management – optimize the cost of software delivery and workload operations with a rich collection of KPIs and transformational automation.

Rearchitect – transform to bring more agility with flexibility at better costs

Implement strategic technology-driven business transformation initiatives by leveraging cloud enhanced and hybrid cloud architectures. This approach will deliver the maximum benefits when executed with proper planning and stakeholder commitment. Sify provides unique value to a hybrid multi-cloud strategy with Cloud Adjacency and hybrid cloud managed services.

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Source: Sify Technologies Ltd.

Gartner defines “Digital Ambition” as “the clearly identified, desired digital outcomes of a digital business strategy – shaped by a digital industry vision and the enterprise’s response to that vision”. 1

“Only 18% of IT leaders believe their businesses are highly prepared for the impact of corona virus.” 2

“Cloud cost management is rapidly becoming a new career path for IT professionals.” 3

“Through 2024, nearly all legacy applications migrated to public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will require optimization to become more cost-effective.” 4

Cloud adjacency provides a compelling advantage for different use cases of a hybrid cloud architecture with its low latency interconnect between public and private cloud resources.

– Sify