Digital Ambition for
the new Normal


Digital fulfilment for Cloud Enabling services

COVID-19 has changed forever the way business will be conducted forcing enterprises to explore new ways to achieve smarter use of technology. High-speed reliable internet, a Cloud Enabling technology has become essential for accessing cloud-based services like artificial intelligence, various cloud-based services, communication and collaboration tools for business continuity and productivity.

Customers are looking at solutions that are available and activated quickly and are highly reliable and scalable as per their requirements. However, sourcing Internet access that enables most of the follow-on benefits of cloud technologies has not been easy for most of the users with various challenges.

Self-service portal for simplified IT services.

Sify, with its extensive expertise across ICT services, has enabled a digital portal for its customers, that is scalable, secure, and flexible to subscribe to cloud-enabling technologies.

The primary function of the portal is to enable the purchase of Sify services via a mix of self-service components, chosen by the customer and automation of processes to reduce time/effort. The portal has streamlined online processes for customers to save time and experience hassle-free buying. As is often required, it also has customizable solutions at a single click.

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Source: Sify Technologies Ltd.

“By 2023, 75% of organizations selling direct to consumers will offer subscription services, but only 20% will succeed in increasing customer retention.” 1