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CLOUD@CORE™ to power digital ambition


In every customer’s pursuit of cloud adoption, there are many decisions that need to be made with regards to the process to be followed, the selection of technologies and services necessary. The CLOUD@CORE framework from Sify provides a coherent perspective to tie up the business requirements, technology to be selected, and the business outcome that can be expected with these selections.

The CLOUD@CORE portfolio is organized into four categories and it should be noted that a typical customer would be consuming some or all of these categories of services simultaneously for different scenarios. In that sense, these services are not mutually exclusive nor preclude the use of other categories of services.

cloud@core™ at a glance

Cloud Enabling
The cloud journey starts by leveraging the Cloud Enabling technologies.

Cloud Inspired
Help achieve operational excellence without going to the cloud completely.

Cloud Pure
Leverage the full power of Cloud Native technologies.

Cloud Enhanced
Generate new revenues with business transformation.


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Source: Sify Technologies Ltd.

cloud@core is a cultural shift that accelerates the customers technology-driven business transformation

Business outcomes at different stages of CLOUD@CORE portfolio