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Cloud Adjacency for Hybrid Multicloud

Sify Metro-XConnect

The last generation WAN architectures that were optimized for datacenter connectivity are being passed over by cloud interconnect solutions. Today, there are different types of interconnect options such as carrier-based interconnect, interconnect from a cloud adjacent datacenter or software-defined interconnect solutions.

Keeping the need of modern architectures in mind, Sify has introduced Metro-XConnect – a pre-built 10G ethernet infrastructure that integrates Airoli and Rabale Data Centers seamlessly into one virtual Campus. It is designed to act as a catalyst to accelerate the deployment of hybrid multi-cloud environments including AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It provides customers with the option of collocating in a cloud-adjacent data center to build a unique hybrid multi-cloud environment. The unique technical and commercials benefits of these solutions provide our customers with a very compelling Total Cost of Ownership for their IT landscape.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud has become a compelling option for organizations pursuing digital business transformation initiatives to address specific security, compliance, privacy, location, and operational requirements even while continuing to benefit from the agile capabilities of hyper-scale clouds such as rapid provisioning, self-service orchestration, and spend management for a consistent experience.

Some of the common use cases for hybrid cloud include legacy applications that continue to run on-premises data centers or hosted private clouds along with new cloud-based applications that would run on the hyper-scale cloud environments and sometimes even at the edge locations.

Key business benefits

  • Best of breed performance with Hybrid Cloud configuration
  • Efficient integrations with extended ecosystems
  • Compliance with data sovereignty
  • Business continuity with resilience
  • Simplicity with self-service
  • Operational efficiency with reduced IT administration
  • Cost reduction with on-demand bursting public clouds


Hybrid Cloud managed services from Sify

Organizations adopting hybrid cloud architectures must decide on how to define service lifecycle management, governance, and operations.

Sify offers the complete lifecycle of workload assessment and migration services, professional services for initial implementation to provision, configure, and secure the cloud resources.

Subsequently, the managed services offering provides the key aspects of availability, scalability, security, resilience, and cost management.

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Source: Sify Technologies Ltd.

“Despite application portability remaining largely illusory and elusive, enterprises discover that multi-cloud does reduce some commercial and organizational vendor dependency.” 1

“Edge and on-premises deployments of leading cloud providers make the cloud even more ubiquitous.” 2

“Enterprise cloud migrations will be hampered for some time by skills shortages.” 3