Visual Collaboration as a Cloud Service

Connect enterprise employees and teams with a range of video conferencing solutions in the Sify cloud

For enterprises spread across countries and continents, teamwork and real-time collaboration is crucial to maintaining business productivity and profitability. Sify’s end-to-end visual collaboration services ensure the most reliable and immersive communication experience to suit diverse business needs and budgets.

You Can Choose From a Wide Range of Services, Including

  • Basic video conferencing
  • High-end visual communication services with bridging solutions
  • Mobility solutions
  • Display solutions
  • AV integration solutions

Why Choose Video Conferencing as a Cloud Service?

With Sify’s flexible pay-per-use model, you no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure and pay for recurring maintenance costs. You can let employees access video communication services on any device - laptops, desktops, phones and tablets.

And Sify’s Visual Collaboration as a Cloud Service is incredibly easy to use. So everyone throughout your organization will want to use it.  And they’ll be able to do so anytime and anywhere.

Choose from buying the service as a hosted, on-premise, or hybrid solution tailored to your geographic footprint. Using our cloud for communications, you’ll enjoy a dependable high quality of experience, even for networks without quality of service (QoS) features. You won’t have to invest in expensive infrastructure to use the finest HD video conferencing solution anywhere.

Bottom Line Benefits

Buying a cloud service is also very flexible. Different tiered payment models ensure that you only pay for what you use. As your business expands and more employees use the service you can easily add more features and capacity. 

Repurpose the conference room. With Visual Collaboration as a Cloud Service you may not need it anymore. Employees can now meet virtually from anywhere, on any network-accessible device. 

Contact Sify today to find out more about Sify Visual Collaboration as a Cloud Service. Let us show you how easy-to-use, affordable, and impactful the latest cloud-based video conferencing solutions can be.  

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