Skype with PSTN Integration

Anywhere, anytime collaboration that is flexible enough to meet global requirements, even without an Internet connection from Sify and Skype


Online meetings. Voice over IP or video calls. Instant messaging. You get all of these features and more with Skype for Business. This is not the consumer Skype. It’s designed for enterprise-class scalability and security. Meetings can be recorded and then turned into Webinars broadcast to up to 10,000 participants.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Sify brings you Skype for Business as a cloud-based managed service. We handle the entire deployment process and then ongoing 24x7 technical support. You can rely on consistent available and performance wherever you are, on whatever device you choose.

PSTN Integration

For some organizations with special compliance requirements for privacy or quality control monitoring, such as financial services firms and call centers, Sify provides integration of a separate PSTN line for audio only. Conversations over a Skype for Business call run over a private VPN instead of a public cloud. The experience is seamless. 

Skype for Business Features

Whatever your business requirements, Skype for Business is a world-class communications and collaboration tool. You can easily connect employees, partners, and customers in different countries. Each call can include up to 250 participants. Scheduling includes integration with Microsoft Outlook so you can see when people in your company are available to meet. 

Additionally, Skype for Business is

  • Device Agnostic
    ou can connect comfortably, even while travelling, on a device of your choice – PC, phone, tablet or mobile.
  • Platform Agnostic
    Skype for Business is available on all platforms - Android, iOS, Windows and Web clients. 
  • Security 
    Sify and Microsoft provide enterprise-grade security, including a PSTN integration option for separation of voice, and let your employees control their accounts.
  • International Communications 
    Set up international conference calls and invite participants including those who don’t have Skype for Business accounts. 
  • Productivity Tools 
    Make meetings more productive by using screen share, PowerPoint slides, and a digital whiteboard.

Find out more from Sify about Skype for Business today. As a cloud-based managed service, it’s affordable, versatile, and a formidable resource for connecting your workforce, your partners, and your customers. 

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