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Oracle platform in the Cloud from Sify is a developer’s dream and reduces IT costs

With Oracle platform as a service (PaaS) from Sify, you can develop, test and deploy your next generation of applications in the cloud-securely, easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Sify manages your Oracle database, middleware and all applications in the Oracle cloud with Oracle PaaS.  You have the option to use native Java for your cloud and mobile apps and Oracle APEX for SQL or PL/SQL Web apps. Integrate multiple cloud and on-premises applications to derive greater business value. Smaller organizations can also use Oracle PaaS and services from Sify to build new IT environments and create and scale applications for multiple channels and needs.

We help you outsource the time, cost and worry associated with your hardware maintenance. You gain faster time-to-value when you can focus on development and testing. You also save on our consumption-based services pricing. And it’s so easy to use Oracle PaaS and Sify services. You get quick-start, user-friendly cloud development tools that let you build interfaces that provide a great end user experience.

Sify Services and Oracle PaaS Offerings

  • Oracle DB Cloud Service

    Oracle DB Cloud Service

    The Oracle DB cloud service can support any size workload - from dev/test to large-scale deployments. This service is highly available, fast, scalable and flexible. Includes multi-layered, in-depth security with encryption.

  • Java Development

    Java Development

    Build new, cloud-native applications using Java in the Oracle public cloud. You have full control and a lot of flexibility in quickly deploying cloud applications, migrating on-premises applications to the cloud and establishing a dev/test environment in the cloud.

  • Mobile Development

    Mobile Development

    Quickly, simply and securely build and deploy mobile apps and intelligent chatbots that can connect to any backend system.

  • Oracle SOA Cloud

    Oracle SOA Cloud

    With the Oracle Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Cloud service, you get an integration platform for development and deployment of APIs that enable real-time analytics. The SOA environment includes orchestration and virtualization tools, management tools, the ability to integrate analytics into applications and deployment portability.

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