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Oracle FastConnect

Accelerate your connection to OCI using FastConnect

High speed, fully secure, flexible connections that enable you to realize your Cloud’s full potential

Oracle FastConnect, with Sify’s GlobalCloudConnect, creates a dedicated, private connection between your on-prem Data Center and Oracle Cloud workloads. Leveraging our highly resilient network built specifically for the Cloud, Oracle FastConnect offers secure, deterministic and reliable connectivity into your Cloud region. We ensure that each solution we offer is designed to fit your business and IT infrastructure needs, allowing you to maximize the benefits from your cloud.

Our flexible billing and on-demand scalability enable your network to perform at par with your Cloud. Using our highly secure and widespread networks, we deliver Oracle FastConnect guaranteeing complete security and consistency on the network.

Oracle FastConnect Features

  • trusted-path-for-data-movement


    Oracle FastConnect provides a predetermined, trusted path for data movement unlike the public internet

  • Oracle-Cloud-Infrastructure


    Access to all supported Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services within the same region with a single FastConnect virtual circuit connection

  • Consistent-networks


    Consistent networks adding to network predictability and reliability allowing optimal infra planning

  • Connectivity


    Routing options: Layer 2 and Layer 3

  • data-transfer


    Flexible connections that ensure you a network as agile as your cloud

  • Port-Speeds


    Range of Port Speeds: 10 Mbps and above

Sify GlobalCloudConnect


Site Access to Oracle India

Sify connects you directly to Oracle FastConnect over multiple 10G interconnects allowing diverse connections to your workloads in Mumbai.

location Oracle FastConnect Connectivity Location : Mumbai

Site Access to Oracle Global

Sify leverages its strategic partnerships with various global providers to help enterprises connect seamlessly to the following Oracle Cloud regions

  • USA / Canada

    Phoenix, AZ
    Ashburn, VA
    Chicago, IL
    Toronto, ON

  • EMEA

    London, UK
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Zurich, Switzerland

  • APAC

    Sydney, Australia
    Tokyo, Japan
    Seoul, S. Korea


    São Paulo, Brazil

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