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Manage large-scale recruitment with Sify’s cloud-based solution

It’s online. It’s easy to use. It’s your great new tool for recruitment, admission, promotional and entertainment events, and other activities that include registration and tracking.  It handles every stage of the recruitment process, from setting up online application portals to helping you sort through a large number of applications. Use the Online Registration Service to send timely notifications to applicants or participants and to create online tests.

The application itself is based on Sify’s Configurable On-line Registration Engine (SCORE). The engine and service can be customized to meet the needs of your company. It’s been a great success for large educational institutions, government departments, public sector companies, and for business process outsourcing. All data is hosted at Sify’s concurrently maintainable Data Center for complete data backup and security.

Online Registration Service from Sify

  • Replicable Applications

    Replicable Applications

    Organizations can save on future requirements by replicating their existing application for other uses.

  • Templates for Fast Deployment

    Templates for Fast Deployment

    SCORE comes with ready-made application templates for various requirements that can be used to quickly begin a recruitment process.

  • Data Verification

    Data Verification

    Rules and validations are integrated to guarantee complete, correct data integrity.

  • Customizable


    Create custom registration forms based on the needs of your organization.

  • Payment Gateway

    Payment Gateway

    SCORE has integrated an online payment gateway which can be used by candidates to make required payments.

  • Upload Functionality

    Upload Functionality

    SCORE allows candidates to upload their photographs, documents, and signatures.

  • Timely Notifications

    Timely Notifications

    Email and SMS notifications and alerts can be sent to candidates to communicate important information.

  • Admit Cards and Attendance Sheet

    Admit Cards and Attendance Sheet

    SCORE can facilitate the generation of physical admit cards and attendance sheets.

  • 24x7 Support

    24x7 Support

    Sify provides technical support for organizations and helpdesk support for candidates as part of the Online Registration Service.

Sify’s Online Registration Service is a proven success. The service delivered nearly 100,000 exams in one day throughout India. For businesses, all levels of education, professional organizations, recruitment, and many other uses that include applications and testing, this cloud-based service is highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

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    Manage large-scale recruitment with Sify’s cloud-based registration


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