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Conduct online tests for thousands in multiple locations with a proven, cloud-based testing application – iTest from Sify

If you’re looking for an online school management system for hundreds or thousands of students that is easy to use, flexible, and secure, look no further. iTest from Sify is based on over a decade of experience, developing and benchmarking an online registration tool and testing engine.

The Online Registration Software is secure to prevent cheating. The Online Exam Software scales to provide exams to thousands of concurrent students. Results can be obtained instantly. Test data is divided into different categories to support an in-depth analysis and to populate interactive reports.

Sify simplifies the entire testing process with this cloud-based service. You get a suite of integrated tools and templates so you can create tests easily and quickly.

Sify iTest Features

  • Industry Standard

    Industry Standard

    iTest is the only online examination system that supports standards set by the Network Test Automation Forum, an industry standards body formed to promote the interoperability of commercial testing tools and test infrastructure for the data communications and telecommunications industry.

  • Flexible


    iTest is supported by multiple platforms like Mac OS, Linux/Unix, and Windows and can easily interact with most devices, software APIs and physical or virtual environments.

  • Online Application Management

    Online Application Management

    Use iTest to manage online applications. The system can be configured to provide various notifications. The interface is available in various languages.

  • Multiple Question Support

    Multiple Question Support

    Supports various types of questions (e.g., multiple choice, multiple response, fill in the blanks, true or false, image based questions, case study and simulation based questions).

  • Test Submission Management

    Test Submission Management

    iTest automates the testing process, including randomization of question and answer options, weighting and marking schemes, and uploading completed exams by students.

  • Results Management

    Results Management

    Features include an evaluation tool, creating mark sheets, generation of certificates, tabulation of the merit list and result analysis.

  • Integration Option

    Integration Option

    Integrate iTest using built-in tools with third-party testing applications. 

  • Exam Management

    Exam Management

    Features include mock tests, restart or resume exam, option to view or print scorecard, auto-submission, preview attempted, un-attempted and tagged questions, non-linear navigation to any question and logging any malpractice by a candidate.

  •  Security


    Security management features include access restriction; dual authentication; encryption of test; securing the browser and restricting access from a specific IP address; tracking of IP address and login information; disabling copy and paste, right mouse click, print screen, special keys, and toolbar / menu bar in the test taker’s browser.

Sify’s Online Examination Service is a proven success. Just ask one of the many Sify organizations that use it. For example, the service delivered nearly 100,000 exams in one day throughout India.

For businesses, all levels of education, professional organizations, recruitment, and many other uses that include applications and testing, this cloud-based service is highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective.

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