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Sify offers you flexibility and choice for deployment and support of the most popular productivity and communications solution in the world

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Why do almost 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Office 365? Because they consider it to be the best-in-class office productivity tool available. And so do we. We also know that you might be looking for a cost-effective alternative to supporting and managing Office 365 in your own Data Center.

And here it is. Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Solutions from Sify.

This complete managed service isn’t one-size-fits-all. You can match deployment and support options that meet your needs right now and into the future.

Options for Microsoft Office 365 Managed by Sify

  • Sify Private Cloud

    Sify Private Cloud

    If your organization has already invested in platforms to support Office 365, consider outsourcing to the Sify private cloud. We’ll move your Office 365 infrastructure to Sify’s Data Center and use Microsoft technology to virtualize it. Our staff will optimize and manage the hardware and software and provide you with a superb network experience. We handle all new software updates, so your employees will never be working with out-of-date versions. And our 24x7 technical support provides you with fast answers and problem remediation.

    Sify lets you monitor your Office 365 environment remotely through a portal and dashboard. Rely on us to provide mission-critical cloud service availability of all Office 365 applications, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Flexible subscription plans reduce your upfront costs and give you a dependable monthly cost structure with no surprises.

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud

    Need to add additional users to Office 365? Want to take advantage of the great features of Microsoft Exchange Online, Lync Online, and Sharepoint Online? Sify can extend your Sify private cloud deployment to the Microsoft public cloud service, Azure.

    With this additional cloud service, you can run your email, calendar, and contacts on Microsoft’s globally-redundant, secure servers. You can share documents and information in a centralized repository that is accessible from virtually anywhere.

    Your employees can connect in new ways using presence, instant messaging, audio and video calling, and multimedia and Web conferencing. Many other online companion tools to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are also available. And Sify provides full support and management for the entire service

  • Microsoft Public Cloud

    Microsoft Public Cloud

    If you are new to Microsoft Office 365 and have no existing infrastructure supporting productivity and communications applications, you can license Office 365 from the Microsoft public cloud environment, Azure, through Sify. We’ll handle all needed support for complex deployments, plus data migration and integration as needed. And you get the same 24x7 technical support that is provided for our private or hybrid cloud services.

  • Mobilize your Office 365 Apps

    Mobilize your Office 365 Apps

    Sify extends access to all of your Office 365 applications on mobile devices with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite. Data is encrypted so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped of all data. Your employees are productive from anywhere, any time, with each user able to install and access apps on up to 10 PCs and mobile devices.

Get a Terrific Office 365 Experience from Sify

  • Around-the-clock access to people and data
    Microsoft OneDrive lets you store your data on the cloud and access, edit and save your files on the go. Powerful tools like Calendar, People, Yammer and Newsfeed make it easy to find and connect with employees across the company. 

  • Communication and collaboration
    Top-of-the-line communication tools like Skype, SharePoint, Delve, and Outlook keep all your stakeholders connected and provide real-time collaboration features with clear audio and HD video calls, plus email, messaging and content sharing. 

  • Increased productivity
    Office 365 is designed to empower your employees to get more work done with familiar and newer tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, Planner, Tasks, and OneNote. 

  • Security and control
    Microsoft has been building secure workspaces for decades and they bring this expertise to Office 365. Along with enterprise-grade security you also get complete control of your account features to scale up or down as your workforce and needs change.  

  • Future scalability
    With Office 365’s cloud-based services, your organization can easily scale services up or down with minimal additional costs. Our per-user licensing lets you manage costs incrementally.

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