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Microsoft SQL Server is an incredibly valuable tool in the era of business digitization.  It lets you seamless integrate legacy applications with cloud-based services. It provides integration with the latest analytical tools so you can use historical data to help uncover trends and opportunities. And it allows you to utilize Big Data resources like server telecom clusters and the Hadoop framework.

You might be new to SQL Server and need to migrate and consolidate your data from other databases and apps. You might be on old or end of life versions of SQL Server and need to upgrade. Or you might be looking for a dependable failover grid to make sure that access to your data and apps is guaranteed to be 24x7.

For these and other requirements, Sify Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Database as a Service (DBaaS) is the perfect choice.

Sify Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise DBaaS Offerings

  • Failover


    Sify provides a parallel instance of your on-premises SQL Server deployment in our Data Center for business continuity, high availability, and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Upgrades


    For SQL versions like SQL 2005 that are end of life or SQL 2008 that are outdated, Sify provides complete migration and upgrade services.

  • DB Consolidation

    DB Consolidation

    Sify supports customers with different databases, multiple versions of SQL, or non-SQL environments that want to consolidate to the newest version of SQL.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics as a Service

    Business Intelligence and Analytics as a Service

    With our pay-as-you-go billing model, you can subscribe to our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics as a Service offering to gain real-time insights from your data. Access those insights on your fixed or mobile devices.

Why DBaaS from Sify Makes Good Business Sense

Whether your business requires traditional on-premises servers or private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions, Sify can provide the SQL Server solution you need at the most economical price. We’re here to help with every aspect of your database usage, whether it involves scalability, upgrades, consolidation, migration, or disaster recovery. We can even help you extend your database to mission-critical online transaction processing (OLTP), Big Data, high availability, business warehouse, and data analytics solutions.

Instead of purchasing all of the infrastructure and software and deploying and managing it in your own Data Center, the DBaaS model gives you highly experienced, professional resources and the SQL infrastructure as an operational expenditure. Sify is a certified Microsoft Telecom Solution Provider. We have extensive experience developing and managing Microsoft cloud services for an array of apps and use cases.

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