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Get a secure and reliable WiFi network for your business without the hassle and costs of designing, purchasing, deploying and managing it

Whether you have a large business with multiple locations or a small office in one location, Sify’s Managed WiFi is a complete solution designed to meet your needs. With Sify Managed WiFi, your employees can access high-speed wireless network services from the device of their choice. You can allow guests to use the network on their own devices, with secure authentication and access restrictions, too.

Sify Managed WiFi is easily scalable as well as highly secure. It’s available as a subscription service so you reduce the cost of investing in expensive hardware and maintaining it.

Sify Managed WiFi Features

  • End-to-end Services

    End-to-end Services

    Sify provides everything you need to deploy and support your WiFi network. That includes a site inspection, network design, network installation and 24x7 monitoring and technical support.

  • Scalable and Secure

    Scalable and Secure

    Adding a new branch office? Sify can quickly extend your existing WiFi network. And our WiFi service comes with built-in security features designed to detect unauthorized access attempts and exploits. Centralized monitoring and access control for applications and user privileges provide additional layers of security.

  • Unburden Your IT Staff

    Unburden Your IT Staff

    Sify Managed WiFi frees your IT staff to work on more strategic initiatives, leaving the tasks related to setting up, monitoring and managing your WiFi network to Sify engineers and support personnel.

Simplify your IT environment and lower capital expenditures with Sify’s subscription-based WiFi network services. Our vendor-agnostic solution is reliable, secure and includes 24x7 technical support. We design and manage WiFi networks for businesses of all sizes. Contact Sify today to find out more.

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