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Anywhere, Anytime, Any Screen: Simplify Learning with Sify Livewire

Sify’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers virtual training for organizations that want to digitalize learning. We create an adaptive learning culture with innovative and interactive modules that enable managers to measure the learning impact.

Fortune 500 companies consider Sify’s diversified experience within the learning space an asset. Many of them have used Sify’s competitively priced LMS  to convert their legacy training material into interactive e-Learning modules across verticals.

Sify LiveWire, our flagship product, enables employees to learn at their own pace. They can choose from a variety of training environments, such as virtual classrooms, web-based training, and in-class training formats. Sify LiveWire’s training modules include assessment tests and progress reports.

Over the last 20 years, Sify has successfully delivered more than 500 projects and 9000+ hours of content development across three continents. Our 200+ associates have demonstrated expertise in technologies such as MLearning, Virtual Learning Environment, and Simulations. The team has won 14 internationally recognized learning awards. Our in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are highly experienced, trained professionals who have a strong grasp of the industry. Sify Livewire has successfully delivered and implemented global projects on SumTotal, Saba, and Moodle.

Flexible Engagement Approach: Sify Livewire offers end-to-end services in Content, Consulting, and Technology, and can be engaged at any phase of the project. A one-stop-shop for all digital training needs, our diversified experience across verticals enables us to recommend global best practices.

Prestigious Clients and Verticals:

  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Energy, Power, and Transportation
  • Banking, Insurance, and Finance
  • Computers, Technology, and Software
  • Manufacturing, Engineering, and Automation
  • Media, Entertainment and Communication

Major Clients


Sify's LiveWire is a Learning Management System platform that enables you to create, manage, and track a variety of training and educational content in an all-in-one organizational learning environment. Deployed on AWS Cloud, Sify’s LiveWire LMS provides tools for training, creating module design, documentation repository, administration interface, and tracking features.

With LiveWire, employees can choose from a variety of training environments: virtual classroom, Web-based, or in-class training formats. To gauge the effectiveness of training modules, LiveWire training modules include assessment tests and progress reports. To get the most value out of your training, managers and employees are given complete control of their learning system, making them accountable for learning outcomes.


Sify LMS Professional Services revolves around consulting, implementation, and managed services. Sify has successfully executed several grounds-up LMS implementations as well as upgrades for Enterprise customers. Sify has extensive experience in consolidating fragmented learning systems into a unified global learning platform for large multinational corporations. Sify’s consultants have expertise in configuring the LMS to meet specific business requirements. Our seasoned team can configure the LMS to address business rules, processes, and workflows specific to various business divisions and groups within the enterprise. Sify also designs learning portals for easy and interactive user experience. Available anytime and anywhere, from fixed or mobile devices, our learning portals make training readily accessible to all employees. Sify is a tier-1 partner with SumTotal and provides an implementation. We also provide consultation services for Saba, including the execution and customization of the on-premise Saba model.

Content Services

Sify’s Custom Content Solutions are meant for Enterprises to understand their complex requirements and deliver various learning courses. We provide consulting development of eLearning modules and Learning Portal. Some of our capabilities under content services are Technical Writing, Rich Media Online training, Simulation/Scenario-based training, Game-Based training, blended learning, Micro-learning with adaptive/responsive design for mobile devices and Translation and Localization to various languages across the globe.

New Technologies

We offer immersive learning experiences through innovative games, interactive and rich animations, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions. Our mobile learning solutions offer easily accessible content for field employees. Learning, solutions, and product showcase apps can be accessed and shared on mobile devices. Sify has experience in leveraging technology like Flash and 3D animation to create interactive learning solutions on PDFs that promote an innovative learning experience. Sify designs VR courseware that is highly cost-effective, creating practical and risk-free practice environments. Some of our customers have also generated additional revenue by including sponsorships as part of their virtual learning environments. Sify eLearning's design team has delivered VR projects for schools, healthcare organizations, airlines, automotive industry, skilled trades, and entertainment companies.


  • Deployed as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that is hosted in the Sify-managed AWS. This enables substantial savings in infrastructure, software licensing and support costs
  • Offers enterprise-grade data security with multiple layers of protection, including firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, and passwords
  • Delivers innovative, multimedia learning modules in multiple languages
  • Enables access to courses on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers
  • Provides tools to easily develop self-paced assessments
  • Generates online certificates after successful course completion
  • Creates integrated, in-depth reports to provide insights to fine-tune the learning process
  • Provides configurable user profiles for learners, instructors, content creators, college administrators and system administrators
  • Provides collaborative features including discussion forums, polls and surveys and feedback mechanism during or after a course
  • Provides in-built email templates to simplify dissemination of information about course details, registration, completion and upcoming classes
  • Supports the creation of customized notifications to meet your company’s specific requirements

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