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Sify’s LiveWire Learning Management System

Create, manage, and track an array of different types of training and educational content in an all-in-one organizational learning environment

Available either as a cloud-based service or as an app hosted on your own servers, Sify’s LiveWire Learning Management System provides tools for training module design, a documentation repository, and administration and tracking features. It’s like having an entire virtual training department at your command. 

With LiveWire, your employees can learn at their own pace. They can choose from a variety of training environments-virtual classroom, Web-based, in-class-or training formats. To gauge the effectiveness of training modules, LiveWire training modules include assessment tests and progress reports. To get the most value out of your training, managers and employees are given complete control of their learning system, making them more accountable for results.

As part of the LiveWire Learning Management System, administrative functions for learning supervision, user profiles, security, and site management are included.

Sify LiveWire Learning Management System Features

  • Training Content Design

    Training Content Design

    With over 12 years of experience in learning design and management, Sify can provide world-class training content to match the needs of your business.  We design innovative, multimedia learning modules in multiple languages. Courses can be accessed on a variety of devices including smartphones and tablet computers.

  • Assessment and Reporting

    Assessment and Reporting

    Sify’s LiveWire Learning Management System includes tools to easily develop self-paced assessments to gauge learning effectiveness. On successful course completion, employees are provided online certificates.  The system also includes integrated, in-depth reports to provide insights to fine-tune the learning process in your company.

  • User Profiles

    User Profiles

    Customized user profiles are available in the system for learners, instructors, content creators, college administrators and system administrators.

  • Domain Management

    Domain Management

    The learning management system allows for the logical segmentation of users into different courses or groups or even multiple institutes under one management domain.

  • Collaboration


    Users can work together and share information using the various collaborative features of LiveWire. They can form discussion forums, chat with fellow learners and instructors, conduct polls and surveys, and provide feedback during or after a course.

  • Email Templates for the Training Lifecycle

    Email Templates for the Training Lifecycle

    Email templates simplify dissemination of information about course details, registration, completion, and upcoming classes. Customized notifications can also be created by administrators to meet your company’s specific requirements.

  • Deployment Models

    Deployment Models

    Sify LiveWire is available as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service that is hosted in the Sify Data Center. This option can result in substantial savings in infrastructure, software licensing, and support costs. LiveWire is also available in an on-premise deployment handled by Sify with the application hosted on your server.

  • Security


    LiveWire offers enterprise-grade data security with multiple layers of protection including firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, and passwords.

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