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With newer energy-saving, security, network, storage, and compute technologies now available, a complete analysis of your Data Center infrastructure may be a good idea. Trust it to the cloud IT consulting service experts at Sify

Is your Data Center future ready? Is it secure and risk free? Is the energy efficient? Is all of the equipment reliable? Sify’s Data Center assessment / cloud IT consulting services team provides detailed answers to these and many other questions.

With years of experience designing, building, and operating Data Centers, Sify offers a comprehensive range of infrastructure assessments to help you get the most out of your Data Center. We uncover and help resolve performance, energy efficiency, and equipment issues. Detailed recommendations for optimization and upgrades are made. Sify also compares your Data Center with others to provide bench-marking standards.

Based on industry standards and best practices, Sify’s cloud IT consulting services ensure that your Data Center is working at its fullest potential and providing the highest level of security.

IT Assessment Service Components

  • Thermal Performance and Airflow

    Thermal Performance and Airflow

    Identify and fix problem areas with cooling systems and airflow to increase performance and lower energy costs.

  • Power


    Assess electrical and power systems in the Data Center to keep the physical system safe and avoid the risk of outages.

  • Racks and Cabinets

    Racks and Cabinets

    Check and optimize the use of physical storage spaces to properly manage data server equipment.

  • Cabling and Pathways

    Cabling and Pathways

    Evaluate the physical layout of cables and pathways to check potential for future scalability.

  • Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding

    Telecommunications Grounding and Bonding

    Evaluate compliance with various safety standards.

  • Labeling and Administration

    Labeling and Administration

    Ensure labeling standard are met for smooth troubleshooting.

Sify’s network infrastructure has a global reach that includes 48 Data Centers across India alone. Whether its Data Center services, traditional network or cloud IT consulting services, technical support or new development you’re looking for, Sify has the people, expertise, and network environment to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

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