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Sify builds custom turnkey IoT solutions for businesses or lets you choose IoT as a managed cloud service

Businesses around the world are rushing to add digital solutions. Why? Because mobility, analytics, cloud computing and affordable devices have changed how all of our work, purchase, communicate, learn, and have fun.

The new digital world is defined by the connectivity of people and things. First, it was our PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Now the Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses much more automobiles, smart meters, home appliances, office equipment, building security and energy systems, medical implants, even toys!

How Your Business Can Benefit from IoT

The IoT connects things to networks. Analytics solutions can then capture the data transmitted by those things and turn it into actionable insights. Those insights can help public and private-sector organizations trim costs, add revenue, and increase productivity. The value to businesses like yours can be tremendous. A recent study by IDC forecasts 28 billion sensors will be in use globally by 2020, providing $1.7 trillion in economic value.

Here are some examples of IoT solutions in business, utilities and government:

  • Manufacturers can use sensors in factory or office equipment, delivery vehicles, and consumer products to send alerts about potential problems, reducing maintenance costs and avoiding equipment failures and downtime.
  • Smart metering is changing the energy and utilities marketplace. Driven by regulation requirements, millions of residential electricity, gas, water, and heat meters are becoming “smart.” They can be monitored, controlled and managed in near real-time, providing many benefits to utilities and their customers. At the same time, utilities are considering the entire meter-to-cash process as a communications challenge.
  • Retail stores and restaurants can use IoT solutions to push out savings coupons to consumers walking nearby.
  • Government agencies can use IoT solutions to keep track of assets―from vehicles to equipment, food, uniforms, and gasoline.
  • Hotels and amusement parks can give guests wristbands with sensors that they can use to check in, buy meals, and enter attractions like spas, tennis courts, and rides. All customer activity is tracked and analyzed to inform decisions on staffing, stocking, marketing, and new investment.

Whatever the type and size of your business, there are great new IoT solutions waiting for you.

All-in-one IoT Solutions from Sify

Sify is many types of companies in one. Network and Data Center operator. Managed services cloud provider. Application developer. System integrator. Partner to major global technology vendors.

That makes us a great choice when you're looking at IoT solutions for your business.

We can help you determine how IoT solutions can best benefit your organization. Then we can build those solutions. Or we can bring in a specialized partner with a ready solution. For example, we’ve partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and National Instruments to deliver converged IoT systems. These solutions integrate data capture, control, compute and storage to deliver analytics and insights from the edge of networks. These insights enable real-time decision making. They can be the source of new ideas for products and services. 

Do you want to try IoT as a managed service? No problem. Our cloud solutions are varied and robust. We deliver end-to-end, platform agnostic IoT solutions that integrate information technology and operational technology.

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