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Leave it to the SAP experts. Sify provides a seasoned team, industry best practices, and specialized tools to ensure your successful SAP product implementation

SAP became the largest software company in the world for good reason. The solutions have transformed businesses, providing a myriad of benefits and significant return on investment.

But SAP products are complex. Deploying SAP sap implementation services in your environment and training your staff how to use the products you choose requires a lot of experience and expertise. That’s where Sify comes in.

We’re an SAP Gold Channel Partner. It wasn’t easy to gain this designation. It took years of work. It took experience with thousands of customers. And we had to build a staff that understands all aspects of SAP products, Data Centers, networks, and the needs of businesses.

Sify’s SAP ERP implementation services are designed to simplify and speed the process and leave you with a faultless solution from which you can begin enjoying tremendous benefits. Our service includes detailed planning, testing, training, and more.

Sify SAP Implementation Service Features

  • Planning


    We create a detailed, step-by-step roadmap that defines all of the stages of the implementation process and identifies any potential bottlenecks that might slow the process so they can be dealt with beforehand. Additionally, a project plan is drafted and staffing requirements are defined for the implementation and ongoing management of the SAP system.

  • Leadership


    We appoint a consultant as team leader who has the knowledge and expertise necessary, including SAP product functions and how they relate to your core business requirements.

  • Sizing and Blueprinting

    Sizing and Blueprinting

    A complete analysis of total cost of ownership is conducted. Costs associated with downtime and maintenance are identified.

  • Installation


    Installation guidelines are followed for the efficient installation of SAP software.

  • Testing and Training

    Testing and Training

    Our service includes repeated testing, including systems and stress testing. We also handle training of all users on the SAP systems before the go-live date. All members of the technical support organization and end users are included in training.

Contact us today to find out more about Sify’s SAP implementation service. From project management to testing, change management, training, and technical support, we have an extensive pool of SAP experts to get the job done. Just ask one of our many satisfied customer organizations. 

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