GoInfinit VPE

Sify’s private cloud computing service – Virtual Private Enterprise provides a high degree of physically segregated compute resources, compliance, and security

Sify GoInfinit Virtual Private Enterprise (VPE) is a private cloud computing service with dedicated compute capacity and secure logically segregated storage, network and security resources delivered across our robust Data Centers. Security is heightened with this segregation as compared to a multi-tenant, public cloud.

We also offer you a high degree of control. You can deploy virtual machines (VMs), set up your application architecture, manage and monitor your VPE through a dedicated self-service portal using our provisioning and orchestration tools.

Available in pay-per-use consumption models, Sify private cloud computing (GoInfinit VPE) can be combined with the Sify enterprise multi-tenant cloud - Sify CloudInfinit - to handle cyclical seasonal or Test/Dev needs with virtual or bare metal servers on demand.

GoInfinit VPE Features from Sify

  • Compute


    With a virtualized, dedicated compute infrastructure, you get a higher degree of segregation than what is typically available in a multi-tenant cloud environment. Comes with an initial minimum capacity of 48 vCPUs and 256 GB of vRAM per virtualized compute node. You can scale from 1 compute node to multiple nodes within one cloud center or across distant cloud centers.

  • Self-service portal and orchestration

    Self-service portal and orchestration

    With Sify GoInfinit VPE, you can readily provision VMs with your full control over the application architecture. Our virtual cloud services also offer user-friendly dashboards with integrated analytic tools to provide you with real-time reports, alerts and watermark levels. These give you full control and real-time visibility of your cloud environment.  

  • Network and security

    Network and security

    A unique network design and topology allow you to seamlessly set up a single-tier, two-tier or multi-tier architecture and add virtual machines (VMs) as needed across the tiers. The secure and insulated setups are built to run the most critical and demanding enterprise workloads.

  • Build your own SLA

    Build your own SLA

    Sify GoInfinit VPE's flexible design lets you build IT solutions with a single node or multiple nodes across one local cloud site or distant cloud sites. This allows you to build a private cloud for Test/Dev with a 99.95% SLA for a single site alongside a 99.9% SLA for production IT in a high availability architecture.

  • Hypervisor


    Since customers own your compute nodes, you have full flexibility to define your own VM density per host, including choice of OS, hypervisor, etc.

  • Hybrid IT-ready

    Hybrid IT-ready

    Your GoInfinit VPE service can be easily integrated with Sify CloudInfinit (a multi-tenant cloud hosting environment) to allow you to address cyclical or variable or test or DevOps needs.

  • Flexible consumption model with no lock-in

    Flexible consumption model with no lock-in

    Sify GoInfinit VPE service has a choice of two consumption models: Committed and metered. You could start with a minimum subscription of 1 VPE for a minimum contract period of 3 months and scale up as needed as your business requires. 

Highly secure with a dedicated, segregated compute infrastructure, Sify GoInfinit VPE is just one of the many cloud services available from Sify. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business-not the other way around. As a Sify customer, you’ll come appreciate the expertise of our staff and the quality of our services as we build, deploy and manage your own private cloud computing (GoInfinit VPE) environment.

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