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Secure your business data and reduce risk with a cloud-based, highly secure data backup and recovery service

As your business data grows, so does the burden of managing, storing and backing up your critical information.  The daily task of managing backups can be cumbersome.  There are licensing and support costs. It’s time-consuming and a burden to your IT staff.  

Sify has a better idea. Available on-premise or in Sify Data Centers, GoInfinit Backup delivers a simplified and standardized data backup and recovery solution.

The backup process is simplified and compatible with a wide range of backup platforms, including the Sify cloud and public clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The self-restore feature is available through a unified portal that integrates local, remote and archival backup platforms. The portal gives you complete control over security and backup and recovery policies.

You can get real-time information on issues such as recovery time, objective/recovery point objective, backup policies, compliance, and recovery and data access frequencies.

Sify GoInfinit Backup Features

  • As-a-service


    An intelligent, analytics-driven backup and recovery service in the cloud that can handle backup from any source to any destination (e.g., tape, disc or cloud) backed by a guaranteed SLA.

  • Cloud-ready backup with customized policy

    Cloud-ready backup with customized policy

    You can select the backup platform that fits your needs best (such as on-premise, in the Sify cloud or through AWS or Azure) and define your own policies and retention terms.

  • Transparency


    You get better visibility and control of your data via a single, unified portal that includes self-service backup and restore features. You also get insights into data usage and retrieval requirements that help you define the right backup strategy for your company.

  • Single integrated solution

    Single integrated solution

    GoInfinit Backup is a single solution for IT and end-user backup requirements. It supports protection for different compute platforms-email, infrastructure, OS, end user, and applications. And it provides protection on the Sify cloud and other cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.

  • End-to-end backup

    End-to-end backup

    GoInfinit Backup is a single, integrated, end-to-end solution covering Data Center IT and endpoint backups.

  • Data analytics

    Data analytics

    You get a comprehensive suite of analytical tools that provides reports and alerts on data usage that allow you to define the right backup strategy.

  • Geographically secure

    Geographically secure

    We offer you complete flexibility in choosing the right fit platform for backup. The second copy is stored at a geographically-distant location to safeguard your data from disasters.

Get control of your data backup and recovery with Sify’s simple, effective, highly secure cloud-based backup solution. With GoInfinit Backup, you have deep insight into the backup process and a high degree of control through our self-service portal. Analytical tools let you improve operational efficiencies.

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