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Outsource your content delivery needs with Sify’s robust, optimized, and secure SaaS in cloud computing – the Akamai cloud solution

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Fast, reliable, and secure is how you want your applications and content delivered. In the content business, speed is particularly crucial for access, page uploads, video streaming, and online transactions. And as traffic increases, speed and high availability must be maintained.

Those features and many others have made Akamai the global content delivery network (CDN) leader. They are why Sify chose to partner with Akamai to provide you with the very best, cloud-based CDN services and other SaaS in cloud computing. With a presence in over 650 cities, Akamai’s CDN cloud processes between 15-30% of all web traffic. From live streaming events to massively multiplayer online gaming, Akamai’s reputation for fast and secure content delivery to any device, anywhere, is unmatched.

With our core ICT ecosystem and Akamai’s CDN and other SaaS in cloud computing, your customers will enjoy a superb experience even as traffic volumes increase.

Content Delivery Network Service as SaaS in cloud computing from Sify and Akamai

  • Web Performance

    Web Performance

    Optimize the performance of your Web site and other online resources with a range of services. They include Web performance optimization, site acceleration, fast Domain Name System (DNS), global traffic management, and application acceleration. Akamai Cloudlets are add-on apps deployed at the network edge for greater flexibility, resource offload, and more control. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Option lets SaaS providers utilize the performance and reliability of Akamai’s cloud-based application delivery platform. The Image Manager API is an end-to-end solution to archive, manage, and deliver transformed images based on customer-defined policies.

  • Media Delivery

    Media Delivery

    We ensure that your online media is delivered to users without problems thanks to a comprehensive set of CDN tools for media delivery, media players, downloads, acceleration, storage, analytics, and more.

  • Cloud Security

    Cloud Security

    Security solutions protect your websites and applications against a range of attacks and threats. Protection solutions span Web sites, bots, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, DNS, user reputations, routing, proxies, monitoring of flows, and more.

  • Cloud Networking

    Cloud Networking

    You get the flexibility and ease of the cloud with the Sify Akamai CDN to deliver your content with speed and consistency on any device and from any location. Tools include a cloud networking suite, intelligent WAN features, and cloud acceleration.

  • Network Operator Features

    Network Operator Features

    Solutions from Akamai and Sify help optimize your network to efficiently handle increased traffic and a growing customer base. These solutions span CDN, object store, experience analytics, and mobile solutions.

Contact Sify today to find out more about our CDN services. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, secure, and flexible CDN solution, look no further than Sify and Akamai.

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