Supply Chain Management

Forum NXT

This cloud-based as-a-service solution from Sify centralizes management of supply chain information and resources

Say goodbye to supply chain management problems.

Forum NXT from Sify gives you the tools to effectively manage your front-end supply chain. You get an integrated inventory system software and financial accounting systems that can be used by all stakeholders in your distribution network. Forum NXT automates salesforce operations with inventory management mobile app for order tracking, market surveys, and more.

NXT Forum is easy to use. It’s a cloud-based service, so you can get started using it quickly. Whether your company is small, large, or medium-sized, you'll appreciate the centralized control and global views of this supply chain management software.

Forum NXT is ideal for pharmaceutical companies, consumer and durables manufacturers, oil and gas companies, technology vendors, automotive after-market parts suppliers, and many other types of organizations which require a supply chain management app. Here is an overview of its different features.

Forum NXT AS-A-Service - Features From Sify

  • Document Exchange

    Document Exchange

    Vital documents and data from your supply chain and distribution network are available for tracking and communications in real-time (e.g., pricing changes, POs, invoices)

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    Sify can integrate Forum NXT seamlessly with your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

  • Get a Complete View of Your Supply Chain

    Get a Complete View of Your Supply Chain

    Centrally control your supply chain with a comprehensive view of sales and stocks, market penetration, excess stock and out of stock items, product visibility, the mobile sales force, responses to customer requests, and much more.

  • Manage your Salesforce

    Manage your Salesforce

    For organizations stretched across vast geographies, Forum NXT provides tools to help you more easily manage your sales workforce. Mobile solutions provide real-time information and tracking to drastically reduce time and expenses from business travel and paperwork.

  • Benefits for Distributors

    Benefits for Distributors

    With an automated workflow, distributors can respond quickly to changing market forces. They can revise prices, market strategies, and inventory on the go. An automated workflow also contributes to increased efficiency and cost benefits from reduced paperwork.

  • Planning


    Use insights and patterns gathered from Forum NXT to forecast market demand and plan for production cycles.

  • As-a-Service Options

    As-a-Service Options

    Sify’s Forum NXT cloud service comes in three versions to cater to diverse business needs:

    • Forum Express
      A streamlined browser-based solution.
    • Forum Enterprise
      A complete browser-based online solution.
    • Forum Standard
      A comprehensive client-server based solution.

Contact Sify today to find out more about Forum NXT. We’ll show you how it can simplify the complexity of managing diverse products across your distribution chain. Are you ready to make over-stocking or under-stocking of distributors or retailers a thing of the past? To make more informed market predictions for your supply chain? To reduce costs, outperform competitors, and capture more market share? It's all at your fingertips with NXT Forum from Sify.

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