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Forum NXT on Amazon Web Services

Inventory and supply chain management in the cloud for the Indian marketplace

Global companies entering the Indian market need a localized solution to handle local supply chain management challenges. Sify’s comprehensive inventory management system-Forum NXT-is built based on the unique requirements of the Indian business environment. By integrating our cloud-based solution with Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) platform, Forum NXT can scale to easily meet the needs of large international businesses.

Forum NXT enables organizations to oversee and manage their complete supply chain spread over diverse geographies. The AWS Internet of Things (IoT) solution lets you interconnect devices and apps through the cloud. It’s an ideal combination for the largest organizations, able to scale to a large number of simultaneous connections and trillions of messages.

Sify deploys and manage this cloud service for you. We can also integrate your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with Forum NXT to make sure data is shared with all relevant stakeholders. 

Forum NXT on Amazon AWS Features From Sify

  • Get a Complete View of Your Supply Chain

    Get a Complete View of Your Supply Chain

    Centrally control your supply chain with a comprehensive view of sales and stocks, market penetration, excess stock and out of stock items, product visibility, the mobile sales force, responses to customer requests, and much more.

  • Manage Your Salesforce

    Manage Your Salesforce

    For organizations stretched across vast geographies, Forum NXT provides tools to help you more easily manage your sales workforce. Mobile solutions provide real-time information and tracking to drastically reduce time and expenses from business travel and paperwork.

  • Connect and Manage Devices

    Connect and Manage Devices

    AWS IoT allows a large number of devices to connect with each other and with the cloud platform even if they are using different protocols. The cloud platform can be easily scaled up to support nearly a billion devices accessing services simultaneously.

  • Automated Alerts and Messaging

    Automated Alerts and Messaging

    AWS IoT creates applications to analyze inbound data, generating automated alerts and messages based on predefined rules for specific functions (e.g., auto-provisioning of stock).

  • Security


    AWS IoT provides enterprise-grade security and end-to-end encryption to ensure that business data is kept completely private.

  • ERP integration

    ERP integration

    Sify Forum NXT on AWS can be seamlessly integrated with legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Contact Sify today to find out more about Sify’s Forum NXT on Amazon Web Services for end-to-end control of your supply chain on an international scale yet specifically designed for the Indian market. Different versions of the software-as-a-service are available to meet different business needs.

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    Inventory and supply chain management in the cloud for the Indian marketplace


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