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Sify became India's first Licensed Certifying Authority (CA) under the IT Act of 2000. Our flagship managed CA public key infrastructure (PKI) services are offered from our world-class Data Center in Chennai. This global, standards-based PKI issues millions of digital identities.

While cryptography-based technologies hold immense potential to solve a large spectrum of business problems, deployment is often tricky. Designing a solution that incorporates business and audit requirements in compliance with legal and regulatory mandates is complex. It’s even harder to provide these services in a user-friendly and infrastructure-efficient manner.

That’s why so many businesses and individuals turn to Sify for our SafeScrypt brand of data security solutions. Our data security solutions help organizations deal with the challenges associated with privacy, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation of electronic transactions to enable secure end-to-end electronic business.

Sify & SafeScrypt Services

  • Digital Identity Services

    Digital Identity Services

    Digital certificates and managed PKI services allow businesses like yours to effectively utilize our PKI infrastructure. Digital certificates issued from this infrastructure not only function as strong identities but also allow organizations to use other intrinsic benefits like data integrity, data privacy, and non-repudiation of transactions. Sify and SafeScrypt Digital Identity Services are intended for use by businesses as well as individuals. All certificates issued under the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) align with CCA’a Digital Signature Certificate Interoperability Guidelines (IOG).

    Services for Businesses
    • Managed PKI services issue digital certificates that are legally valid under the Indian IT Act 2000
    • Integration of these digital certificates with existing applications with complete control of the issuance and management process
    Services for Individuals
    • The issuance of legally valid digital certificates that can interact with PKI enabled applications/hubs
    • E-mail certificates to sign and encrypt
    • Digital certificates for user communities such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Exporters/Importers and Railway Vendors to transact with specific applications
  • Data Protection Privacy Solutions

    Data Protection and Privacy Solutions

    Data protection and privacy concerns have been garnering considerable attention with incidents of data theft on the rise. A prudent combination of technology and business processes can significantly contribute towards the protection of an organization’s digital assets. SafeScrypt not only addresses your security concerns like data security, we also provide an opportunity for business process enhancements. Solutions include content encryption, device encryption, document rights management, and trusted messaging.

  • Transaction Security Solutions

    Transaction Security Solutions

    While data protection largely looks at protecting data at rest, our transaction security solutions focus on providing solutions where data is in transit. We offer customized solutions to secure all transactions over the Internet or private networks. They range from channel encryption (using SSL and Secure-FTP) to developing security solutions on HSMs.

  • Certifying Authority

    Certifying Authority Setup Solution and Service

    To set up a CA requires adherence to standards and law and prescribed procedures and industry best practices. The SafeScrypt CA provides a complete end-to-end solution and services to aspiring CAs, including:

    • Consulting service to create certificate policy and certification practice statement (CPS)
    • Consulting service on infrastructure and physical security requirements
    • Consulting on network requirement and design
    • CA software solutions
    • Consulting service on the procedures and operational processes
    • PKI training
    • Day-to-day training on CA software and operations
  • Authentication Solutions

    Authentication Solutions

    While a digital certificate serves as a strong and reliable digital identity, the authentication solution is selected based on the value of the data or the digital asset that is being protected. We help businesses accurately assess this and help recommend and implement a corresponding solution. Our strong authentication solutions include technologies like digital certificates, one-time passwords, USB tokens and hardware security modules (HSMs), and biometrics.

  • Cryptography Based Solutions

    Cryptography-based Solutions

    Our solutions cover everything from symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography to the various applications and services that help you deploy these effectively. Our spectrum of services includes business consulting, application development, implementation, integration and nationwide support. We also provide a variety of encryption certificates that help organizations implement IPSec, SSL, VPNs, data protection, data privacy and encrypted storage systems.

Our technology operations are based out of TIDEL Park at Chennai and validation for certificate issuance is managed from our Validation & Support Centers across India. Sales and technical support infrastructure is available in most cities across the country, either directly or through our channel partners. Headquartered in Chennai, we have offices in all major cities across India.

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