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Protect your network from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with Sify’s effective cloud-based service

Whether you have network infrastructure on your premises, hosted in third party Data Centers or a bit of both, Sify DDoS Protect Service effectively safeguards your network nodes and traffic from a DDoS attack wherever it originates.

Choose from our DDoS Protect Service in cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid options. We can tailor our resources to fit your organization's existing infrastructure and requirements. Sify provides DDoS attack protection that encompasses multiple network layers to address multi-vector attacks. The cloud-based service option is the most cost-effective as there's no need to deploy and manage a separate security appliance on your premises.

Sify maintains multiple India-based and global scrubbing centers. Malicious traffic is cleaned before it reaches its destination. These scrubbing centers can handle a large volume of traffic and do so nearest the point of origin of a DDoS attack. This greatly minimizes the impact of DDoS attacks on the network. Only clean traffic is routed to your business.

Sify DDoS Protect Features

  • Blocking malicious hosts

    Blocking malicious hosts

    We use white lists of authorized hosts and blacklists of zombies or compromised hosts to block known malicious hosts.

  • Preventing cloaked attacks

    Preventing cloaked attacks

    Sify DDoS Protect Service provides payload visibility and filtering to prevent cloaked attacks.

  • Fighting Web-based threats

    Fighting Web-based threats

    Our service protects against Web-based threats by detecting and mitigating HTTP-based attacks.

  • Protecting critical VoIP services

    Protecting critical VoIP services

    Your VoIP services are critical to your business. Sify shields them from automated scripts or botnets that exploit packets.

  • Dealing effectively with a zombie army

    Dealing effectively with a zombie army

    We use specialized, always-on, always-learning zombie detection tools to combat and mitigate zombie attacks.

  • Enforcing baseline protection

    Enforcing baseline protection

    Sify works continuously to build models of network behavior that keeps your security systems up-to-date and effective as threats and tactics are evolving daily.

Reduce the risk of a devastating DDoS attack. Ensure reliable availability and great performance for all services within your network on a global scale. Call Sify today to find out more about DDoS Protect Service.

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