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Build your own concurrently maintainable Data Centers using India’s premier resource

Building 21st Century Data Centers are no trivial task. After 17 years building them for ourselves, the Indian government and an array of enterprise companies, Sify has seen technologies and benefits grow and evolve tremendously. Complexity has grown, too. Network technologies, infrastructures, applications, and architectures are now providing the efficiency of programmability, the cost-benefits of virtualization, and huge opportunities with data analytics for organizations like yours.

Put Sify on your short list when you’re looking for a Data Center partner.

After building 100+ Data Centers, we’re comfortable in calling ourselves experts in designing, building and operating concurrently maintainable Data Centers and then training your support staff. Our references include government organizations and enterprise companies in India and other parts of the world.

Data Center Build Services – Phases

  • Plan


    The Sify team analyzes your requirements and creates a roadmap for the project. Deliverables for this stage:

    • Provide needs assessment
    • Identify and analyze business requirements
    • Check technology and solution feasibility
    • Create budgets
  • Design


    We provide a detailed blueprint of your Data Center. Deliverables for this stage:

    • Site selection
    • Risk analysis
    • Design drawings
    • Understanding specifications and standards
    • Initiate procurement process
  • Build


    Based on design approvals the Sify team begins building the Data Center.  Deliverables for this stage:

    • Vendor management
    • Procurement management
    • Onsite coordination
    • Design compliance
    • Time management
    • Risk management
    • Change management
  • Hand over

    Hand over

    Once the Data Center is complete, a comprehensive handover process begins. Deliverables for this stage:

    • Integrated testing
    • Factory tests
    • Documentation
    • Training
    • Creation of knowledge base
  • Analyze


    After the handover is complete, Sify continues to work with you to improve performance. Deliverables for this stage:

    • Infrastructure audit
    • Gap analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Suggest alternate solutions
  • Improve


    Sify Data Center consultants continue to support you with performance enhancements. Deliverables for this stage:

    • Enhancements for operational and energy efficiency
    • Continuous monitoring
    • Process improvement
    • Training

Sify’s Data Center Build Services have been the choice of six Indian state governments. We also provide managed cloud services for those customers through Sify Cloud Cover - our massive network cloud that connects 48 Data Centers across India.

With over 10000 customers in India and abroad and 500+ highly-trained networking engineers and other personnel, there are a lot of good reasons why Sify should be on your short list as a state-of-the-art Data Center partner.

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