Contact Center as a Cloud Service

Why build your own call center? It’s much more cost-effective as a cloud service from Sify

Sify’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions for businesses like yours. Choose the features you need-like automatic call distribution, dialer, logger, multimedia or omni channel capabilities. And pay only for what you use.

Deploy your call center in the cloud or as a hybrid architecture of on-premise + cloud to satisfy regulatory or security requirements. Ramp volumes up or down to keep up with demand.

No need to invest in costly infrastructure or ongoing maintenance. No more worries over technology becoming obsolete.

With Sify CCaaS, you can change features and functionality as needed. Move from outbound to inbound calling. Move back from inbound to outbound. Flexibility, affordability, and choice are why so many businesses use Sify CCaaS.

Sify Contact Center as a Service

  • Range of Services

    Range of Services

    Sify CCaaS includes a comprehensive suite of services, including multi-channel customer interaction features, recording and storage of calls, and IVR and routing capabilities. We install deploy the CCaaS solution for you, integrate it with your existing applications, then provide ongoing maintenance and technical support.

  • Flexible Platform

    Flexible Platform

    The cloud-based platform easily integrates with existing business applications and CRM modules.

  • Customized Admin Control

    Customized Admin Control

    A special interface lets you change and customize settings and configurations to suit your requirements.

  • Free Up Key IT Staff

    Free Up Key IT Staff

    Using Sify CCaaS, you can outsource all of the operational functions of the contact center, including support and maintenance. This leaves your key IT staff free to focus on more strategic business initiatives.

  • Record and Analyze

    Record and Analyze

    Sify CCaaS features let you record and store all calls that include customer interactions. All customer data is analyzed to reveal information such as patterns, call times, wait times, answer speed times, etc.

Contact Sify today to find out more about Sify CCaaS. We’ll show you how flexible, dependable, and affordable the service can be. Choose from different service offerings and payment models.

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