ERP and SAP HANA Cloud Hosting

Benefit from moving your SAP system to the cloud with Sify. Lower costs. Faster deployment of new environments. Better performance. Tighter security

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Using the Sify Hana cloud platform for SAP Hana hosting your SAP systems as a managed service makes great business sense.

It’s incredibly secure. Using Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) technology, traffic and data from each customer is isolated from all other customer traffic. Other rigorous security features include Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection.

It can save you a lot of money over supporting your own SAP infrastructure. SAP Hana cloud integration in Sify’s Cloud Infinit public cloud is supported on a robust hardware and software platform. It is designed to lower costs for businesses and provide on-demand flexibility and scalability. As a managed service we provide you with a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA) for each SAP Hana enterprise system we support – be it SAP Hana upgrade, SAP Hana analytics or SAP hosting on cloud.

Sify Cloud Hosting for SAP ERP and SAP HANA

  • Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting

    The Sify service includes a transparent migration of your SAP ERP Central Component (ECC), SAP S/4 HANA or Business Warehouse (BW) environments to a managed, cloud infrastructure. Once the hosted system is in place, you can more easily integrate newer SAP technologies, like analytics and mobility.



    • SAP Basis / HANA support
    • DB Administration
    • SAP Installation/Operation
    • SAP Upgrades/Patching
    • SAP Monitoring
  • Operating System Services

    Operating System Services

    • OS Admin/Patching
    • Backup & Recovery
    • Network & Security
    • Monitoring
    • OS License
  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    • Managed OS
    • Managed DB
    • Managed SAP BASIS / HANA
  • Infrastructure Services

    Infrastructure Services

    • Facility
    • Virtual Servers
    • Storage
    • Network
  • DB Services

    DB Services

    • DB backup/Recovery
    • DB Performance Tuning
    • DB Monitoring
    • DB Admin

With the Sify cloud, you can deploy new SAP environments in hours instead of days. A refreshed cloud infrastructure cab boost you SAP performance by up to 30 percent and improve SAP system recovery time by up to 95 percent. And you’re going to really like the cost savings. We’ve seen total cost of ownership for SAP systems among our customers go down by up to 30 percent.

Sify is an SAP Gold Channel Partner. We have logged thousands of successful customer engagements we continue to support hundreds of businesses. So contact us today to find out more about moving your SAP ERP or SAP HANA system to the Sify cloud.

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