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Maximize customer engagement

Consumers around the world rely on their mobile phones to navigate their lives. Mobile is the de facto digital channel to communicate with brands. How consumers engage with their mobile devices, defines how they communicate, shop, and engage with businesses. SMS continues to be the most precise, effective messaging channel. Sify A2P service has evolved alongside the SMS industry, creating flexible, market-based solutions to get your message to customers across any channel, device and location worldwide.

Solution empowering innovation

Sify is the bridge between IT and Telecos, powering enterprises with A2P communication and user authentication options for their global user base. From a company of dedicated, passionate engineers, we've offer the foundation that supports your needs and empowers innovation. Our A2P platform provides an end-to-end footprint, powering both sides of the mobile ecosystem.

Anytime service support

Sify’s support engineers are extensively trained and available 24/7. Premium support is standard for all of our clients - you'll always have access to real people providing the industry's best response times.

Sify’s superior A2P platform

  • Performance


    The platform can support all of your needs. Intelligent routing and high throughput ensure that your traffic is delivered efficiently.

  • Reliability


    Strategically located global Data Centers to ensure maximum redundancy and limited latency and maintain 99.9% uptime.

  • Coverage


    We are arguably the world’s largest messaging network, powering your reach with 400+ operator connections in 190 countries.

  • Team


    Hundreds of skilled engineers are constantly innovating. Infact, we've deployed numerous platform upgrades.

Three ways to connect to our A2P service

Portal based

For non-technical teams, you can set up and manage your messaging campaigns within the web portal. Underneath our extensive web interface lies one of the world's top performing A2P SMS platforms with unsurpassed uptime, 24/7 technical support and the most reliable connectivity to telecoms all over the world. The entire messaging environment is fully monitored and proactively developed to ensure optimized traffic flows and constant rollout of new features for your users.

API based

The entire omni-channel messaging environment is fully monitored and proactively developed to ensure optimized traffic flows and constant rollout of new features for your users. The Sify A2P API was created by our in-house development team. The documentation is intuitive and written with developers in mind. You'll get experts to help you integrate and deliver around the clock. We're with you every step of the way.

SMPP based

Our Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) for enterprise customers, offers a flexible hybrid integration connecting your business systems to deliver rich messaging applications to securely communicate with customers. The complete messaging automation includes 2-Way messaging, mobile number validation plus reporting and analytics for a comprehensive overview of all messaging activities. The end-to-end security is achieved through VPN tunnelling, strong encryption and IPsec standards that help protect your traffic and confidential consumer data. We're ISO certified and PCI DSS compliant.

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