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Raju Vegesna
Chairman & Managing Director

Raju Vegesna is a serial technology entrepreneur with a multi-decade series of successes. Before Sify, he was the founder and CEO of ServerEngines, an industry leader in network and storage convergence products that grew rapidly from its inception in 2003 to its acquisition by Emulex in 2010. Raju Vegesna then served as Chief Strategist for Emulex, responsible for the company’s strategic direction and evangelizing the adoption of Emulex products to key customers and partners.

Raju Vegesna currently serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Sify Technologies Limited, after having purchased a majority stake in 2005. Prior to ServerEngines and Sify, Raju Vegesna founded ServerWorks Corporation in 1994. He led the company as it became the world leader in computer chipsets, commanding a 90% market share in the x86 server chipset market. ServerWorks was acquired by Broadcom Corporation for US$1.8 billion in 2001. Before ServerWorks, Raju Vegesna co-founded and served as chief architect of Ross Technology Inc., spearheading the creation of the HyperSparc processor, a CPU used by Sun Microsystems to create its first multiprocessor computer servers. Before joining Ross Technology, Raju Vegesna worked as an engineer for Motorola, where he created the microcode for Motorola’s 68030 processor and the specification for the 68040 microprocessor.

He received a master’s degree in computer engineering from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Bangalore University. Raju Vegesna holds several patents on microprocessors and multiprocessor technologies. The Raju Vegesna Foundation funds programs to address the availability of clean water and education for communities in need.