Sify helps trim costs by enhancing efficiency in healthcare

India and the United States are very different economies and cultures. But both countries share the need to make healthcare more efficient, competitive and affordable as their populations grow and age. New technologies and solutions - such as mobile apps, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and analytics - are available to make healthcare organizations more accessible, simpler, faster, and more cost effective.

Whether you represent a hospital, clinic, or specialist, Sify has a variety of scalable, agile, and secure solutions to help your organization achieve these goals.

Our many solutions include

  • An intelligent and secure data backbone
  • Remote diagnosis management (devices and services, telemedicine, e-ICU)
  • Integrated healthcare data ecosystem with patient portals with electronic health records (EHRs) integrated with customer relationship management systems
  • HER-enabled access to clinical data
  • Advanced computer diagnostics and therapeutic support
  • Radiology picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and tele-radiology
  • Real-time healthcare monitoring
  • Interactive patient care systems
  • Location and condition sensing technology
  • Integrated enterprise data warehouse
  • EHR-based perioperative charting and documentation
  • Patient self-service
  • Virtual reality for training, surgical support, and integration for therapies
  • Mobile healthcare applications

Sify Services for Healthcare

  • Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud

    You benefit from the separate and combined advantages of public and private cloud services. An integrated security stack keeps applications and data secure. Utilize cloud-based analytics to gain insights into a variety of data on patients, procedures, transactions, and healthcare environments.

  • Solutions


    Sify can provide outcome-defined and easy to use solutions designed to meet the needs of your specific organization. With cloud solutions, we can integrate all of your stakeholders and partners under a unified cloud environment.

    Enhance doctor-patient relationships with solutions based on social media, mobility, cloud and analytics. Connect diverse hospital branches on one unified platform. Digitally enable delivery points to help patients more easily access information. Provide real-time monitoring, information access and control. Enable better service by providing doctors with quick and easy access to critical patient information.

  • Patient Access and Security

    Patient Access and Security

    Our solutions let patients connect with doctors and laboratories via a high-capacity, low-latency network. Strong security measures are put in place at all access points and across the complete IT environment.

  • Flexible Service Models

    Flexible Service Models

    Choose the service model from Sify that meets you needs: consulting, Data Center hosting, or cloud-based managed service.

  • Back Office Solutions

    Back Office Solutions

    Sify can help you transform your business systems through powerful ERP solutions, cloud services to eliminate capital expenditures, and the integration of diverse platforms and systems.

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