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A leading Insurance administrator chose Sify to host its SAP applications on Cloud

The Client


Our Client is well known leading third party Insurance Company that specializes in significantly reducing claims processing timescales for its clients.


The client uses an SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment to run its business-critical systems. Their ERP platform and its applications were running in a single off-site data center. To maintain the efficient running of its ERP applications it was necessary to implement an upgrade to the latest system software release.

The challenges faced by the Client's IT team were as follows:

  • - The new software release could not be supported by the existing Solaris platform.
  • - Changes in business compliance required better visibility and reporting tools of the ERP system.
  • - The project identified the migration of both the Quality Assurance and Production server that would critically impact business operations should something go wrong.
  • - The migration required an SAP license upgrade from EHP2 to EHP6.

Why Sify?

  • Sify was able to demonstrate a high level of expertise in re-designing a complete SAP landscape and approach to hardware sizing.
  • Sify has experience in handling large and complex SAP installations, configuration and integration projects such as this one.
  • Sify had the necessary resources in managing multi-towered hybrid cloud engagements.
  • Sify had multi-cloud migration expertise and invested time with the client to address all of its concerns and manage its risks. 

Solution & Benefits

Sify was able to implement a simple and straight forward solution. The entire SAP ERP system was migrated to a new Linux operating platform hosted privately on Sify's national public cloud.  

  • - Sify implemented an easy and low-risk migration plan that did not affect any day to day business running. 
  • - Estimations of this and any future hardware upgrades were eradicated by moving to a hardware utility-based price model where the client pays only for what is being used, and no more. The new environment is now always scaled to requirements.
  • - Improvements to the Clients cash flow were also met by moving to an efficient public cloud service model with a significant reduction in periodic Capex investments. 
  • - The overall costs savings proved a substantial saving on TCO
  • - The Client now has a much-enhanced SAP user experience with a much-increased database performance. 
  • - The IT team now has true end to end monitoring and control of its ERP systems that are now fully compliant 

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