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Training Services

Encourage your clients, partners even your own organisation to upskill and learn new technologies and become recognised and certified in their field of expertise. Perhaps your clients/partners need compliance certification too? Sify e-learning and i-Test platforms are easy to set up and licence. Each partner offerings are tailored to your needs, with your logo and operate under a licence revenue share model. This can truly add real power and capability to your portfolio.

Sify’s Technology & Developer collection, for example, is a suite of online learning assets that deliver an engaging and robust multi-modal learning experience that helps grow and drive the performance of Tech and Dev professionals across all levels.

Learners can also access our Aspire ™ learning journeys, including video content, e-books, audiobooks, podcasts as well as hands-on practice labs which support more than 100 professional IT certification exams from leading software/hardware/cloud and professional organisations.

Furthermore you can offer your client’s COMPLIMENTARY access to our Technology & Developer Collection for 30 Days, want to Learn More?

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