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Ethernet Private Line

Secure, reliable, easy to manage native Ethernet network connectivity for your client business

Ethernet Line is an exclusive point to point service that allows you to connect your clients’ business locations in India securely, cost-effectively and effortlessly.


Built leveraging the large coverage of the Sify MPLS backbone, exclusive Ethernet circuits are built over highly reliable, versatile and resilient packet switched core network. Our Ethernet Private Line WAN Service provides a fully managed point to point solution that integrates seamlessly with any other carrier point to point Ethernet offering.

Ethernet Private Line features

  • E-NNI Global reach

    E-NNI Global reach

    Sify’s is able to directly interconnect to any four global cities across Europe and Asia Pacific. Sify also benefits from these partnerships with service providers that allow us to offer network outreach services.

  • Highly available

    Highly available

    Your service is highly available not only due to international oceanic-level redundancy between transpacific and transatlantic routes but also across our national and local metro. Ethernet over MPLS services are delivered through our own Indian metro, national and international points of presence (PoPs). This infrastructure ensures that you have uninterrupted service, regardless of location.

  • Proactive network management and monitoring

    Proactive network management and monitoring

    From our network operations centers (NOCs) Sify monitors your network 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure that connectivity is always available and secure. If problems arise, we will proactively alert your operations desk immediately and then jointly resolve with remote the end client support where needed.

  • Technical Attributes

    Technical Attributes

    EPL is technically defined as a point to point service set up between two universal network interfaces (UNI) with a high degree of transparency for service frames.

This service offering utilizes Sify's packet network where Sify uses Mac-in-MAC through EoMPLS where customer and 3rd party service provider frames are encapsulated with an MPLS label. MPLS packets are tunnelled with an outer Ethernet header that contains MAC address of SIFY Network interface demarcation.

Service Parameters MAC limit – 100 to 4000 | MTU-1532 (100Base) 9000 (1000Base)
Protocol transparency including Ethernet OAM, CFM
Identical Service frames at source & destination
Choice of Bandwidth 50 – 100 Mbps in 10 Mbps increments
100 – 1000 Mbps in 50 Mbps increments
Choice of Interface Hand-offs

Fast-E interfaces:

100BaseTx (copper, RJ45, full duplex)

Gig-E interface:

1000BaseLX (fiber, SM (long range), 1310nm, full duplex) 1000BaseTx (copper, RJ45, full duplex)

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