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AMS-IX (India)

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Estalished in 2017, in collaboration with the Indian ICT service provider Sify, AMS-IX India is a carrier-neutral, open Internet Exchange offering premium peering services in Mumbai.

Enhanced Accessibility

Connecting to AMS-IX India is easy. You can access our peering platform from any data center in the Mumbai metro area. Whether you are co-located in a connected data center or in a non-connected one, you can either:

  • Let AMS-IX India handle the entire connection process, including transport, cross-connect and provisionning.
  • Or choose a 3rd party transport provider to access one of the data centres where AMS-IX India has a presence.

High Quality Services

  • Internet Peering

    Internet Peering

  • Private Interconnect

    Private Interconnect

Special Features

  • IPv4 and/or IPv6 (native)
  • Live monitoring of traffic through our online customer portal
  • sFlow traffic analysis reporting per customer on IP and AS level
  • Easy access to the AMS-IX route servers
  • Local first-line technical support

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