Service Providers

Sify Network

Sify owns and operates India’s largest MPLS network,
11 data centres and offers an extensive international network

Indian Regional Network

Sify owns and manages one of the largest IP Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-enabled networks in India.
With more than 2700 MPLS points of presence (PoPs) enabling more than 100,000 active customer connections, the Sify IP network was purposely designed with high availability and business reach from its inception.
Built to a high carrier-class grade design, the Sify network encompasses six wholly-owned city fiber metro networks that are interconnected to a geographic network diverse high-capacity national backbone network.
The Sify network was built to support and provide the digital superhighways for the new digital business India. We provide digital bandwidth services to enterprises, content providers, over-the-top (OTT) providers and international network operators with speeds up to 100 Gbps throughout India.​

Geographically diverse fiber in the network encompasses dual PoPs with the latest Metro DWDM access network infrastructure. This ensures that the networks serving our customers in major cities and across major international gateways never go down.
We continue to expand the capabilities of the Sify network to handle spiraling data volumes. Our N*10G Metro access ring network with multi-service access nodes (MSANs) across major Metros ensures high-quality traffic delivery-even if one fibre route is compromised.

International Network

We offer one of the world’s most extensive international networks to connect users and customer locations across the globe. In Atlantic and Asia Pacific regions, we have diverse cable assets and multiple POPs over different geographies with direct connectivity to a range of major IP network operators.
Sify is carrier-agnostic. We’ve partnered with Colt, EU-Networks, GTT, PCCW, SingTel, Testra, CenturyLink, Telia, Verizon, Vodafone and Zayo to extend services for our customers to international locations.
The Sify network has multiple levels of redundancy including oceanic and cable―and a robust backbone of interconnecting hub locations.
We have peering points used to build redundant international network connections to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. POPs are located in New York, London, Marseilles, Los Angeles, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong over redundant cable systems on transatlantic and transpacific paths. This allows us to provide end-to-end connectivity to global corporations and to provision remote management services for multiple locations both within and outside of India.

The Sify global network includes

  • Multiple international gateways on fibre for redundant, high-performance, global IP network services
  • A carrier-class routing infrastructure from Cisco, the foremost provider of next-generation IP 100 Gbps core routers
  • Metro DWDM Access network in Mumbai, providing a backhaul network for all major cables, with support for standard SDH, EoSDH circuits for IPL, EPL, and EVPL circuits

Undersea Cable Network

Sify maintains a cable landing station in Mumbai with access to Europe India Gateway (EIG) submarine communications cable system resources. Our undersea cable network has been designed to assure the maximum level of IP service continuity and performance by providing diverse cable options for redundancy over the following multi-cable systems.

  • Europe India Gateway (EIG)
  • Middle East North Africa(MENA)
  • Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG)
  • Gulf Bridge International (GBI)
  • i2i Cable
  • SeaMeWe-4
  • TGN-Atlantic
  • APCN-2
  • RNAL
  • J-US

Pioneering Network Services

Sify has been a pioneer in introducing advanced new technologies to the Indian market. Our milestones include

  • Offering India’s largest MPLS VPN services customer with a pan-India presence
  • Building a 4-tier hierarchical topology with redundant backbone infrastructure that includes agreements with other carriers for better scalability and availability for our customers
  • Designing a national long distance (NLD) backbone with a combination of Ethernet and SDH circuits where every Tier 1 PoP features multiple 10G connections to core backbones with 1+1 redundancy along with public and private peering to lower round-trip latency by as much as possible
  • Nationwide data center-to-data center connectivity with Fibre channel storage in a storage area network (SAN) that enables high-performance data transmission between multiple storage devices and servers
  • Converged STM-64/16/4 network handling voice and data and consumer and enterprise traffic with alternative carrier facilities at major POPs reaching to the last mile
  • Wireless Local Loop BSTNs networked on Metro-Ethernet access Fiber network with more than 35,000 installations
  • Global network operations center in Chennai acts as the global network operational center of the Sify global network, providing 24×7 monitoring, network operations, restoration coordination and technical support